Zombie Dead Set


Zombie is a great topic for all the game developers. It also challenges them with many different ideas to make the game unique. Today, I would like to introduce you to a really vivid game about this theme named Zombie Dead Set. In the game, you will be joining the zombie war like a first-person shooter FPS game. Your main task is to shoot down all the zombies, get bonuses and equip the special weapons for your character to become stronger.

Zombie Dead Set mod

Zombie Dead Set is quite similar to many other zombie games, in which the world has been invaded by a strange virus and it transforms almost all humanity into fierce and bloodthirsty creatures. You will be one of the few survivors, who will no longer know what to do except for survivors fighting for life and for restoring faith in the lost world. They are all waiting for you to join and conquer these challenges.

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Zombie Dead Set mod

The simple gameplay

Zombie Dead Set will not be too complicated like many other action games. In the game, you should learn about tactics, features of each character or many other things. You will immediately fight in different maps. You just stand still and wait for the zombies to step closer. You have to shoot and knock them down before they approach and attack you. The zombies will appear in every corner and they will move towards you, you should target on their head and shoot, you can beat them immediately.

The game will have many different types of missions such as main missions, achievement missions, daily tasks… you can fight without worrying about the task. The difficulty will increase as your task progresses, as well as through each level of the game. The zombies will be moving faster so you need to buy and upgrade more powerful guns. You can buy more the medicine to make you faster and more powerful in a shorter amount of time. In addition, the guns will have a viewfinder to help look at the zombie head of your easier.

Zombie Dead Set mod

The design and control

Zombie Dead Set is built on a beautiful 3D platform with wide viewing angles allowing you to easily observe the whole front and fight more easily. In addition, the game also provides you with unique weapons, which are as good as any other action shooter game. A small minus point you may not like in this game is that the developer only focuses on the shooter element so you do not need agility or dodge, in which your character will automatically move to pre-designated locations and concentrate on shooting only. By the way, this may be a highlight of the design so that the manufacturer can make a difference in the market.

Zombie Dead Set mod


Zombie Dead Set MOD is a game designed specifically for the action elements with a simple control mechanism and easy viewing angles, which will make your combat experience better. You can download this game by using our link below and enjoy the game right now. Wish you have great gaming experience!

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