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Z Max is one of the best strategy games created by Fast Game Limited in early 2018, which is fun and addictive game. The game will give you the live battles, top strategies and great rewards. You have to survive on the end of the world because you will be attacked by the zombies. You have to fight constantly to win and change the world again.

Z Max mod

The cause

By 2049, there would be many nuclear power plants. Some factories leaked, which cause of nuclear radiation people. It changes them into the crazy and bloodthirsty zombies. The world was now chaotic by the battles and the war of disputing the water and food. Everything becomes out of control by the zombie attack. In the game, you have to fight and rescue the world.

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Constructing a base and fighting

Entering the game, you will be given a small land with some basic constructions and works. You will start to develop your base by collecting resources in this land, constructing more building to have the more new works and unlock more new features within the works. You can also upgrade the existing works to have more new features inside your land. Of course, you also need more troops to fight the monsters and other players. You should raise the level of the castle and increase the power of the legendary heroes to enhance your strength and combat abilities, which will help you to easily win the invasion of the zombies.

Z Max also gives you a lot of intense battle. The competition will come from all over the world. Let’s destroy the zombie towns and expand your territory, which will be better for you because you can join up with other players. Let’s Collect resources together, killing bosses and make up a number of attractive things!

The design and sound

Z Max is a strategy game so it will not have a prominent graphics like role-playing games. However, it is also well designed to display images of war, which are pretty sharp and beautiful. They will bring a lot of good experience. The sound of Z Max also contains a myriad of stressful tactics. It is going to be quite exciting to get your campaign going.

Z Max mod

Download Z Max Mod Apk for Android

Z Max is the newest strategy game in 2018. It has a lot of cool elements in gameplay, visuals and sound, all of which will bring you the great but hard challenges and attractive strategy that you have never tried before. The game is currently available on the Android platform. You can download it by using our link below. Have a fun game!

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