Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

Z Day Hearts of Heroes mod

The game maker, KingsGroup Holdings is proud to bring you the most exciting strategy game in 2018 named Z Day: Hearts of Heroes, which will be a World War II game. This theme is no stranger to many players. There are also a lot of games that have been successful with this theme. At this time, there is no longer the colonial struggle between the nations. Instead, it will be a battle to protect humanity against zombies. They were born out of inhuman scientific experiments in this period. Let’s play the game to fight and protect the world right now!

Z Day Hearts of Heroes mod

The world status in Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

The wars have been going on for a long time. The correlation between the forces that made the wars very complicated. The scientific experiments were conducted more on finding the powerful and dangerous weapons to lead to the new way for the wars. But when the allies began to take advantage, the army of Invaders began to release a strange gas, which contains a chemical that can revive the dead soldiers. They are like bloody and aggressive zombies. The war has changed unexpectedly. A turmoil begins to be created when the invaders have deadly corpses and are not afraid to die. You need to transform yourself into an excellent commander and lead your forces against the dangers and reset a new order.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes mod

Forming and training the troops

You will be a commander in the allied forces’ army. You will lead your army to the front line to build a new base. Your quest will be to start building the army constructions and the machines to exploit the resources in the surrounding area. By simply doing the same city-building games that you have played, you can easily build the massive buildings. For the military, you will need to control all the works to collect the resources that the building has exploited for a while or you have to upgrade those buildings to become modern and bigger to meet the pace of development of the military.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a war game so you will not be able to win without an army or a weak army. In this game, you need to use the resources to buy more modern equipment and weapons. You also need to upgrade them for more power. In this tactical game, having modern equipment can still be defeated by a great strategy so you also need to study strategy, arrange the military tanks, aeroplanes, infantrymen … in order to rectify the opponent’s formation, which is important factors to win.

You will also have many quests and events that you can join and earn extra rewards when you destroy wild wolves or bears in the surrounding area that can help you earn a lot of gold.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes mod

The graphics

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes also has a nice graphics compared to many other tactical games, in which the works, equipment, weapons are simulated very well. In addition, the game has some nice and interesting effects on you upgrading military buildings or gathering resources around. But this game has a few weak points. For example, the army moving through the forests will always be on the tops of trees which will not be very practical.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes mod


Although Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is not a super product in tactics game genre, it also has a lot of interesting points. This is still a great game to play and experience. Let’s download the game for the Android platform in the link below. Wish you have the great gaming time!

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