YouTube mod

YouTube is one of the most installed apps in the world with more than 1 billion instalments, which proves that this app is a strategic application of Google LLC. All the world’s hottest videos from manufacturers uploaded to your YouTube channel will appear in this app. You can easily subscribe to your favourite channels and watch them anytime.

YouTube mod

Google LLC will have more and more innovative designs to create better experiences for its applications for attracting more users. With the new and simple designs, you can explore the news, movies, music… much faster than before. In addition, you can edit your videos, create playlists or transfer video to TV and more. Everything will be in this great app.

YouTube mod

The application will have MOD features for you to explore more features that have not been available in this application.

The key features:

  • Installing the app without Root the machine
  • The users do not need to uninstall official Youtube. It can be installed as a secondary YouTube video.
  • MOD is simplified to enable repeating video easily.
  • A new blackout method of the ads.
  • The app can be worked on Chromecast
  • There will also be on/off features such as video info card, video suggestion card, branding watermark, zoom mode…

YouTube mod

How to install and use the app effectively:

Installation is very easy. You just download the APK file we provided at the link below by clicking on the link. It will be automatically downloaded to your computer. After downloading, the users can install the APK files as usual and start enjoying it.

Activate Black / Dark theme:

1. Click your profile photo in the top right corner
2. Open Settings
3. Open Advanced Settings
4. Open layout settings
5. Switch on dark view & dark theme

YouTube mod


This app is great. You can download and enjoy it as one of the best and most trusted applications. In addition, you can enjoy both versions and watch the hottest videos. Have a great time on Youtube!

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