The X-Files: Deep State


The X-Files: Deep State is a newly released game by Creative Mobile game developer. You will be exploring the hidden mysteries in a file called X-Files. You have to illumine the unknown issues of the very global plot. You and Captain Dale have been chosen to investigate the secrets, the crimes behind them, and you must have pictures of about all the crimes. You need to consider much and the judgment to find everything.

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The X Files

The playstyle of The X-Files

At the beginning of the story, when Karen Cooper is washing her basement, suddenly a shadow over her makes her panic and soon after she has been murdered. The police immediately come under the operation of the commander Captain Dale. You can start investigating the scene of the basement where the girl was murdered. You will go with Captain Dale to see everything, collect what you think is relevant to the case then you all will talk about it. The case builds up what was obtained to answer the first step of the story. Next, there will be many places around the victim’s home that need to be considered, so you always need to stay focused. The cases in X-File files are still waiting for you to explore, so download the game and experience the game.

The X Files

Key features of the game:

  • Discover clues, collect evidence and solve cases.
  • Keep your mind strong and achieve the best results.
  • Customize the look and personality of your character.

The X-Files MOD is a very thrilling game with 18+ violent elements, so you need to consider carefully before playing. Wish you have a fun game!

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