I Am Warrior

I Am Warrior
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If you have ever had a chance to know more about Stickman games, they are sure to be simple and fun. Today, we would like to introduce to a great game named I am Warrior from XIJI Game Producer. This is one of the most exciting games about the Stickman Wars including I Am Archer and I Am Wizard. In the game, you will be engaging in amazing and intense medieval battles that you have never seen before. Let’s join the game and discover the fascinating things right now!

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The gameplay

I Am Warrior is a simple game. In the game, you will focus on fighting with another stickman. You have to destroy your opponent’s monument to get the win. You will start at your monumental side and start moving on the path to the enemy. You will have to fight and destroy the enemies in your path. You can use all the skills that you have to make battling easier and do not let your blood runs out before reaching the target.

It is hard to reach and defeat your opponent’s monument because your opponents are so strong. You need to build your character and find the support from a team. Playing together to take the advantage and win. Even though your Stickman is brave and powerful, it should not be too aggressive. You should be careful with your enemies. Do not to be killed!

The attractive features

Compared to the I Am Archer and the I Am Wizard, the game I Am Warrior is designed to be better in gameplay, which gives you more concentration on the main power of the Stickman, requiring your good skill and tactics. In addition, I Am Warrior also offers a lot of unique skills, military designs and exciting rewards.

The graphics

I Am Warrior will keep the simple design of the game Stickman. With 2D graphics and direct view, it helps you play easily. But the game also has some differences in the colours compared to many Stickman games. I Am Warrior will be fresh new things, which give you the great inspiration to play this game.

I Am Warrior

Download and install

I Am Warrior MOD is a new game with a unique personality. Currently, you can download games for the Android platform by clicking on our link below. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

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