War Wings

War Wings
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War Wings is one of the most engaging fighting games in the war world. You can immediately control the fighter aircraft which was used in World War II, ready to receive dangerous missions and take off. The sky is new and dangerous, especially when you are in fighting, so you should always be careful with everything. You can play the role a talented pilot who can fly solo as a lonely tiger or team up with a flying squad like a wolf herd in the sky for having the great battle.

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War Wings mod

The playstyle

War Wings has a pretty basic gameplay. But it is also difficult to control. Although it is designed with the control board on the left, the controls are pretty hard that you have to control the plane, adjust the height of the aircraft and attack the enemy. It is really a difficulty so you need to try and stay focus. The enemies will constantly attack you so you need to dodge the dangerous bullets. You should always pay attention to the small map on the top right corner and the warning when your plane is hit.

Each battle lasts 6 minutes, in which you need to focus on defeating the as many enemies as possible and do not be killed. The new killer will have a skull icon on their plane so you can find them for revenge. You have to choose different strategies to win and become the ACE of the fleet.

War Wings mod

Another interesting

In addition to the basic task mode of the game for practising your basic skills, the most attractive and expected mode of the game is the PvP mode, in which you can fight with 19 other players. There is the total of 20 players divided into two teams, each battle will be stressful. Moreover, there will be more than 70 aeroplane models for you to customize and choose to come up with different tactics.

War Wings mod

Graphics and sound

War Wings is designed on a 3D platform to give you a real-world visual experience with the most realistic aircraft and weapons. Moreover, investing in visual effects as well as the surrounding environment is also a great thing that you should explore such as wind, smoke and terrible explosive effects, which will surprise you much. The exciting background music and battle sounds are very realistic to bring you the thrill and exciting gaming experience.

War Wings mod


The game was well-invested, it will be fun for you to enjoy after the stressful moments. You can download this game with the link below and play it for proving yourself for the best. Wish you have exciting gaming time!

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