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War Clash is a fun and unique game from MeoGames. If you know about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Clash of Clans, you will find a pretty attractive game that has a strange combination of two games. Do you feel curious about War Clash? Therefore, we will see a little bit about this exciting game before you download and enjoy it.

War Clash mod

The story comes from War Clash

The world of war clash is limited by spells, magic powers and chaos, turning all creatures into aggressive warriors and bringing civilizations to the wars. In the game, you will have to choose your race to prepare for the construction and expansion of the territory. Even if there is one side to survive, you need to quickly build a strong enough army to master the entire land. The battlefield always changes. Therefore, you have to adapt and adjust your tactics!

War Clash mod


In War Clash, you will be brought into battle as a three-way map similar to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but you need to exploit the resource and train your troops before take them to the battlefield and fight with your opponents. Each map will have 3 guard towers in 3 lines and 3 neutral towers located in between three lines. Warriors occupy neutral pillars and your vision will be expanded. You will bring your troops to the battlefield faster, and you will have more advantages.

In every battle, you will need to choose the warriors, because the number of options is limited so either do you bring the best warriors or the best combination. There are many tactics that you can use to build a total attack and destroy a road and take over your opponent’s main house or divide all three lines into longer battles. These tactics are waiting for you to explore.

Collecting resources and building immediately so that you can buy troops from those buildings. When you destroy buildings or destroy enemy troops, you will also be rewarded with great materials, which you can use to optimize your strength and remember to use the skill of the warriors when necessary.

War Clash mod

Many attractions

War Clash is a fun and addictive game so I will brief some of the fun things that you will be exploring:

  • Upgrading and building your troops freely and unlimited.
  • Construction of facilities, control of fortresses and safety architecture.
  • Collecting the resources and using it wisely to create a great tactic.
  • The fun real-time 2vs2 battle

Many more interesting features are waiting for you!

War Clash mod


War Clash has a similar graphic to some famous games such as Clash of Clans, Clash of Royale… with the beautiful character. In addition, the scenery and the game in the game are pretty, which make the game attractive to many players. System skills and effects of the hero are also very interested.

War Clash mod


In short, War Clash MOD is a new game that you should not miss. With dangerous and intensive wars, you will never know what awaits you in battles because everything is very abundant and infinite. Download the game and feel its charm! Please share it with your friends if you like this game. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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