Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod

Many players are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto game series. Its appeal is certainly undeniable with the huge number of the gamers and its games. Today, we are pleased to present to you a great action game from Naxeex LLC producer named Vegas Crime Simulator 2. The first version of the game on Google Play has achieved more 50 million installs. Let’s explore the appeal of this second version now!

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod

The interesting gameplay

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will still be the story of real life in Vegas. In the game, you will continue to explore the criminal hot spots in this city. You will have the opportunity to become a villain, represent the crime in this land. The game will allow you to live a new life without suffering the daily restraint, you will be relieved your anger, so the game is loved so much. You can use a lot of weapons and vehicles in the city and start becoming the leader of the offenders on the street.

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2, you will face a lot of difficulties. When you become a criminal, you will face a lot of police brutality or you have to deal with a lot of other gangsters in the city. You need to fight like a hero to destroy the gang and take their territory. You will enjoy the busy life of the bars, the casino … the atmosphere here will help you entertain.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod

Weapons and vehicles

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 brings you the abundance of a simulation game. It will provide you with the attractive weaponry, in which you will have a great arsenal in store. Each weapon will have different characteristics and parameters. You have to earn a lot of money and buy what you like. In addition, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 brings you an exciting travel. You can own a transforming robot to excite the city and cause extreme chaos.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod

The graphics

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will have a lot of improvements over the previous version. In general, it will still have a nice 3D graphics, new maps for you to explore. In addition, the skills will also be rich with many unique effects, but according to the player’s evaluation, skills are very expensive so you need to have a lot of money to learn them. In addition, the characters will also have a lot of new and interesting outfits, which make you really a fashionista.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod


Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is an indispensable attraction, in which you will be back to the fascinating story with a lot of new features. You can download this game for the Android platform via our link below. Please rate this game corresponding to its interesting things. Wish you have the great gaming experience!

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