Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Vampire's Fall: Origins

Human beings have a very rich imagination. We have come out many species of horrible creatures and vitality such as Vampires, Zombies, Wolfman … All these creatures were ingrained in the minds as an obsession. Although knowing that these creatures are not real, they always stimulate the curiosity of many people. Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a great game created with a fascinating journey and adventure. The content will revolve around the world of magic and mystery, where there are many species of horrible creatures in the human imagination. The world of Vampire’s Fall: Origins will be very beautiful that cannot ignore.

Vampire's Fall: Origins

About the manufacturer

Early Morning Studio is not a Studio. They have no office. They are three online collaborators and make this game in their spare time. They are trying to do what they imagine in their imagination. Vampire’s Fall: Origins is the result of love with the old role-playing games with play-to-win gameplay that is hard to find in the mobile market. Currently, this game is offered free to all players who love classic role-playing games. Let’s try the game and evaluate it yourself.

Vampire's Fall: Origins

The Story

For centuries, villagers in Vamp’Ire had a peaceful and happy life. But there were the rumours that a witch was using dark magic to create danger for the village. The village needs to be prepared to fight the worst that can happen. You are a hero hunter, who gather the heroes, work with them and use the power to fight in an open world with turn-based combat.

Vampire's Fall: Origins

The gameplay

Vampire’s Fall: Origins has a huge open world. You can choose and customize a character as you like and put your character into an endless adventure. This is a role-playing game so there will be a lot of things to do for you. First, you should move around and get familiar with the locations as well as the NPC in the game. You should also look for the basic item in the store. During the game, you will encounter many different enemies. When you face them, the fight will occur immediately. You will be put in a different battle location and start the familiar turn-based battle. You and the monster will attack each other in turn until one of the two sides bleed and die. When you win, you will be rewarded with experience, money or other equipment. Basically, the gameplay of Vampire’s Fall: Origins is not difficult for the player.

Vampire's Fall: Origins

The design

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is built with 2D graphics, but the features of the game will be immensely exciting and will be completely different from many 2D games that you have ever seen. The images of the game are also gloomy, showing the true colours of the story in the game. In addition, you will also find many familiar and new species appearing in the large map and many more interesting skills in the game.

Vampire's Fall: Origins


Overall, Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a cool game that will bring back memories of the first-person RPG. This is not a pay-to-win game. It is a very exciting play-to-win game. This game is also free for both Android and IOS platforms. You can download them at the bottom and do not forget to leave your review. Have a fun game!

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