Unlimit Heroes

Unlimit Heroes
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A new and lovely game from the Korea game makers named Unlimit Heroes, which is produced by APPCROSS. The fun RPG game to discover hundreds of quests and interesting storytelling promises to be a very attractive game this summer.

Jade Moon and the Student exchanged a strange book found in Student are, and there seemed to be something strange in Jade Moon’s eyes. Everything suddenly became very strange, and right from the moment, your adventure begins with Jade Moon and the mystery books of a world of heroes and exciting battles.

Unlimit Heroes

Play Style

In Unlimit Heroes, your task is to build a Heroes group of the Heroes Academy. The heroes will be very diverse including Warrior, Magician, Shooter, who can control much different power. Take control of your heroes fighting against powerful monsters.

Entering the battle, you will choose the hero with the power of Fire, Water, Forest, Light, Dark to form a team and take them into adventure mode and start fighting in the different area. The hero will fight together with the monsters at the same time. The hero’s skills will appear as cards in the lower right corner, you just touch and activate their power.

In Unlimit Heroes battle scenes, the monsters will appear many times, and the final bosses are always powerfully made by the manufacturer to make more difficult for your battles. But you will have the energy bar next to the characters, it will be a great complementary power for you.

The rewards will be very amazing. When you win battles, gold coins, ruby ​​red rubies, or supplementary items, everything will help you stronger and have more heroes. Besides, the daily login missions and prizes will also be worth your attention.

Unlimit Heroes

Game mode

The two main modes in Unlimit Heroes are Real Camp and Adventure that allow you to explore the world in the game. Adventure is a mode for adventure players and follows to the story of the game. In addition, you can also engage other players in real-time PvP battles, and gain the glory for yourself.

Unlimit Heroes

Hero System

There are more than 155 heroes of the academy. You have to earn enough money to unlock, upgrade and train them in classes that will help them to increase their power considerably, contributing to the game. Your battles are easier. You should pay attention to the character’s skills as well since that will be their main strength in battles.

Unlimit Heroes


Designed with relatively nice graphics, beautiful heroic characters, and bright, beautiful game colours will make your gaming experience more explicit. Unlimit Heroes are not so prominent. But they have a unique appeal to RPGs from Korean gaming developers.

Unlimit Heroes

Download Unlimit Heroes Mod Apk free for Android

RPG style is also quite familiar to many games in the same genre, but Unlimit Heroes MOD will still give you a different feeling from other stories. They are new and always need you to explore. This is always stimulating. Gamers also include old-fashioned game titles with new colours. Finally, if you find this game interesting or buggy, please contribute to its developer through the above review of the Play Store. Wish you have fun playing time!

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