Troll Face Quest Horror

Troll Face Quest Horror

Have you ever seen horror films about Annabelle dolls, vampires, space monsters or killers? Those films scared you or just make you curious about them. Let’s check the new great game about this theme named Troll Face Quest Horror from Spil Games. This is the revelation story rebuilt with unexpected elements that you cannot imagine. Everything in the game will be completely different from the ones that have you seen in the movies, which will bring a lot of humour and a bit scary for the player.

Troll Face Quest is a fun puzzle game series produced by Spil Games. Troll Face Quest Horror is the latest version in this game series. Previous games have been rated as very fun with lots of puzzles, so we would like to introduce you to this game to see its appeal. Let’s explore the horror films, TV games, and even video games in a whole new way.

Troll Face Quest Horror

The simple gameplay

Troll Face Quest Horror is a very simple game with a very easy way for everyone to start the game just like you would read a book. In the game, you have to pass all the level one by one to unlock the next level. In each level, you will find many familiar scenes of a horror movie or a game. But one important thing is that the end of the story will not be the same as what you know or imagine, in which you need to interact with the characters in each level to create a more horrible situation in the film and bring better entertainment.

The game will allow you to interact directly with the characters for creating their actions. You can perform as many actions as you desire. You will have a certain amount of play turns to find the end. If you use all that times, you will have to wait for more time to play or you can watch the ads for getting the extra turns. If you have great ideas, you will easily pass the game without using many turns.

Troll Face Quest Horror

The graphics

Troll Face Quest Horror for Android will still be designed with 2D graphics like other Troll Face Quest games. The characters in the game are hand-drawn carefully. At this time, the developer is aiming for famous horror movies, so the characters in the game are designed with a bit scary. You can see many scary characters like Wolfman, monsters, crazy doctors… The actions of the characters are also very crazy. The sound of the game is quite scary from the screams, laughter contains the sinister, which will create the appeal of the game.

Troll Face Quest Horror


Overall, Troll Face Quest Horror APK still has the same appeal as many other Troll Face games, but it does offer the new dramatic feeling to the gamers. The game is well suited to entertaining in the free time. Be careful with it because it will be very addictive. You can download this game below and do not forget to leave your review on this article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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