TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight
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  • Version: 8.0.2
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 69.1 Mb
  • Update: June 1, 2019 at 4:03 am
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If you are a Transformers fan, whose the story of Primus who created 13 Prime (Cybertron Knight) transformed robot. In which, Optimus Prime is one of the descendants and also the last Prime to survive. The fierce battles of Optimus Prime and Quintessa will be re-enacted in TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight, your mission is to collect transformers from the entire world and fight with other players to get the robot puzzle pieces.

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

How to play Transformers

With an interesting gameplay, the game will tell you a 30 years story about Transformers. Transformers Forged to Fight is your opportunity to possess a powerful robot and begins the journey of Transformers for protecting the Earth and fighting the evil robots.

Players have to move in the maps and search the opponents, then you will be taken to a fairly decent battlefield for you to fight, use your gun to attack your opponent and use the punches, rocks to attack at melee distance. In addition, you can transform into a car to make the combo and create more damage to your opponent. Remember that you can use the shield to prevent the opponent’s remote skills. It will also be a weakness when using the shield, you will be vulnerable to attack by turning the car.

The rewards for your victory will be experience points, power boxes, technological puzzle pieces. You can use them reasonably to quickly unlock more powerful robots, and upgrade your weapons.

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

Combat modes

There are many modes created by the Kabam producer, which will make TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight so diverse and interesting. In which, Solo Missions is a battle mode that you will fight alone and complete the assigned missions, and receive amazing rewards.

In Alliance Mission, you and your fellow players will complete missions, which will be more difficult than Solo Missions.

In Arenas Mode, you can compete with other players in this Robot War. The difficulty in this mode is probably the biggest because your opponent will be a good player and possess powerful robots.

There are also the other modes that you can explore while playing, such as Special, Oaily, Raids. The fun will always be waiting for you in endless battles.

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

Graphics and sound

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight has a beautiful 3D graphics with devastating battles in 360-degree spaces. The effects of fire attacks, as well as exciting and interesting battle locations, will make you have a great gaming experience. The sound of the game is also great with the impact sounds really nice.

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

Download TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight Mod Apk for Android

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight will be a very interesting game for you. It will create a lot of inspiration for you with beautiful and attractive battle situations. The game will be a great option. Finally, if you see this game interesting, please share it with your friends for your good gaming time.

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