Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash


Action games have always had the great appeal to many players. With more and more unique ideas and new games, action games have been attracting more players. Today, we would like to introduce you to a new and exciting action game called Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash, which is a tense battle between the different heroes. The PvP battles will bring you to enemies all over the world.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash

The familiar gameplay

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash will be quite familiar and attractive. If you have ever played Brawl Stars of Supercell, you will feel more familiar with this game. In the game, you will have to choose heroes and perform basic tasks to get acquaintant with the way of moving and fighting. It is quite easy. The real difficulty will come when you are confronted with real opponents.

Your heroes will be included in the maps with your teammates and opponents. You will have to target the missions that are set in the game modes, but the main ones will still be fighting and defeating the opponents. You have to take advantage of the terrain to move and hide. To use the character skills, you will consume energy points. When you run out of energy, you will use the normal attacks to recover energy, which will require your alignment and calculation when using skills.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash

The characters and game modes

Currently, Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash will have 10 different characters, each of which will have different special skills, depending on the hero’s inherent indicators. Also, the characters with close range will have more blood and resistance stats than the distant attacking characters… Your task will be to exploit the abilities and characteristics of the hero to fight the best.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash also has three attractive game modes: Star Battle, Gem Battle, Crystal Battle. In each mode, you and your teammates need to perform different tasks to win the enemy team. It needs the good coordination of the team.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash

The Graphics

The game is a pretty good combat version with cute cartoon graphics. This style is quite familiar. The effects and the imagines of the in-game skills are also very interesting and unique. In addition, Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash is also designed with a top-down perspective that is quite familiar and easy to fight.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash


Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash MOD is a new and exciting action game. It was designed and built with a lot of charms that have been tested by many players. You will get a lot of cool features. You can download games for the Android platform with the link below and do not forget to rate this game in our post. Have a great gaming time!

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