The King Of Fighters Allstar

The King Of Fighters Allstar mod

Certainly, the gamers of the previous generation have been familiar with the game of exciting fighting such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat… those games are fascinating and associated with the memory of many people’s childhood. Recently, the Korean game maker, Netmarble, has released a new game called The King Of Fighters Allstar (KOF), which is also an exciting action fighting game. Now, you will be able to continue the new and monumental battle with the most genuine feeling right on your phone.

The King Of Fighters Allstar (KOF) was first launched in 1994 by SNK, which quickly gained much interest from players around the world. SNK has continued to release more versions of the game with changes to further improve the game. From 2017 – 2018 witnessed the return of legendary games but not on the familiar platforms that will be put on the mobile platform, The King Of Fighters Allstar is also a collaboration between SNK and Netmarble for reviving this game on the mobile platform.

The King Of Fighters Allstar mod

The gameplay

Like the other famous games in this genre, you will be introduced to a hero with outstanding martial arts and participate in the great battles with various opponents. In which, you will use the martial arts to fight with many different opponents, create the beautiful combo and many magnificent tactics. The King Of Fighters Allstar has a very familiar and easy-to-use control mechanism for players, whether you are familiar with games of this genre, or a new gamer, you can play it easily. The difficulty will come from using skills and combining skills to deliver agile and powerful attacks. In addition, The King Of Fighters Allstar also has a lot of improvements in its gameplay to create its own appeal. You can create a team to fight other powerful bosses, Or you can collaborate with your friends to destroy the most powerful bosses, which will create the multiplayer combat of this game.

The King Of Fighters Allstar mod

The character

The King Of Fighters Allstar will provide all the martial arts stars of this game with the beautiful and authentic design. The most impressive thing about this mobile version is to build the complete and beautiful skill sets. You can also build your characters and develop their power like a modern online role-playing game.

The King Of Fighters Allstar mod

The Graphics

The King Of Fighters Allstar has good graphics. The design of graphics quality will require your high configuration device. The picture in the game is also rich and excellent. The skills are also very nice and impressive with the players. The game is also designed with a horizontal view that is very easy for the player to move and fight.

The King Of Fighters Allstar mod


This game will be a fascinating return of a legendary game genre, which will be a perfect and engaging version of the mobile game. You can immediately download this game for the Android device through the link below. Surely, in the coming time, The King Of Fighters Allstar will become more popular. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Please rate it in this article for supporting us to make the better article! Have a great gaming time!

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