Teria SAGA

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Teria SAGA is a fun and engaging game from Netmarble developer in Japan. With its last game, Lineage 2 Revolution has nearly 1 million downloads on the Play Store. We hope Teria SAGA will create its own appeal and attract more players. In which, you can join a group of 5 people in a real-time action fight to defeat many powerful enemies.

Teria SAGA mod

Play style

In the game, your mission is finding a heroes team, which has cute girls but have special abilities and great power. You can bring them all to the tense battle, in which you have to use your team-mate skills, the ability to think logically and combine skills to gain absolute strength in battles. If you do not know how to customize your team, you can choose a team with two or three heroes with capable of melee and wide range attack. It is both resistant and capable of dealing damage. If you want more flexibility, automatic mode will be the great choice for you.

In each Teria SAGA game round, you have to win the first three monsters, which will be weak servants, followed by the bosses with moderate power. Finally, you will meet a powerful boss. With a lot of power and blood, you will need to fight hard when facing these bosses, controlling the heroes to dodge the deadly skills.
Story mode will take you through many levels to find rewards as well as practice your skills to prepare for real-time battles with up to 4 players. You will work together in a big arena and discover the unique bosses and many amazing gifts.

Teria SAGA mod


There will be more than 100 characters full of personality and cute appearance in the game. You have to find them and upgrade their levels and skills so that they gain a new power. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most prominent characters who will need your exploration.

  • Wise is called “Summer of the Tower”. Since he was a newborn baby, he was abandoned “in front of the tower of time” and lived in Collies family. When he grew up, he wants to become a “Summer” to be able to protect Collies.
  • Celis is a nobleman of the Terrier, a well-known woman who has produced a knight group; she is the youngest person in her family and lives in the full love. But she always has a desire to become stronger.
  • Selenium is an assistant to the queen, Elph and is called the guardian of the queen. With a gentle and polite personality, A brave girl does not like conflict. But she is always ready to face the enemy if it is to complete her mission.
  • Diante is the beautiful elves queen who seems to be worried about Elves’ future not only in the entire Harmonia region.
  • Erdis is a wizard of Elves who controlled the flames, used to be served as Empress’s Guardian. Erdis often speaks with a powerful melody and a dim face, but Erdis will not forgive any opponent in the battle.

There are many other characters in the game await you to explore the story and find out their own strength.

Teria SAGA mod

Download Teria SAGA APK for Android

With a cool graphics, the Teria SAGA MOD promises to be a new and exciting game odd Netmarble. In the game, you can enjoy the skills and voices of great characters, join the game, find your favourite character and fight in your own way. Currently, the game is open to signing up for a trial and you can download the game by using our link below with the highest speed. Have a fun game!

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