Talking Tom Candy Run

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Talking Tom Candy Run is cute and sweet game from Outfit7, which has officially launched. This game still revolves around Tomcat. Since the first Tomcat version was launched, the game has revolved around the story of the cat, which always attracts a lot of the gamers, especially young people for the cute as well as the attractiveness of the game. We hope that the players still love the new version of Tomcat.

Talking Tom Candy Run mod

The story

A thief broke into Tom candy shop and stole some great candy. But while the thief was on his mission, Tom discovered. The thief ran away while Tom was chasing him in a sweet candy race. The candy will continually fall off on the road so Tom has to overcome the difficulties and collect them as many as possible. Let’s join the adventure with exciting companions in Talking Tom Candy Run!

Talking Tom Candy Run mod

The simple gameplay

In the game, you will race in a challenging environment. But with simple and unexpected action, Tom will automatically run and you will perform jumps or downs to dodge the obstacles easily. In addition, you can perform double jumps by pressing twice on the jump key. It will take you through high obstacles or collect candies in the sky.

While playing Talking Tom Candy Run, you have to pay attention to the red line with the heart symbol in the center of the screen. It is your time and blood in the race that will diminish from time to time. When you hit a certain obstacle, the line will fall off very quickly. You should try to find the heart on the track to increase the time for your cat. The achievement of the race will be rated up to 3 stars depending on the number of candy that you can collect.

Talking Tom Candy Run mod

Therefore, you not only have to pay attention to avoid obstacles but also pay attention to the candy collecting.
There will always be other companions who will join you in this race like Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger … You can choose one of the characters then upgrade them to have their special strength and enhance the ability of collecting candy. Currently, there are more than 80 levels to participate in the game. In addition, there will be many upcoming levels in next versions.

Talking Tom Candy Run mod

The attraction of Talking Tom Candy Run

The factor that makes Outfit7 games so attractive is the simplicity and funny features. This game will also be such a game. With the design of 2D, you will not need to pay attention to many things. Besides, the game has many simple, easy-to-follow and funny situations. The sound of the game is very exciting and fun with many happy sounds, Ting Ting.

Talking Tom Candy Run mod


The producer, Outfit7 brings us a new free game. This game is really suitable for the active boy or girl. Let’s play with kids. For sure, this game will create a lot of fun. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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