Tale of Swords: Eternal Love


If you are a fan of Chinese martial arts films, perhaps Tale of Swords: Eternal Love is probably a good choice for you. I am also a fan of sword fighting movie and martial arts game. I have been playing games like Snail Games’ Age of Wushu Dynasty. In these MMORPG games, you will experience a fascinating adventure to a thrillingly mysterious mythical world, in which you will also transform into heroes to fight, complete the quests and wander.


The mythical background

In the world of swords and chaos, the forces of the devil have attacked and broken the sacred sword. It has been divided into five pieces. You have to find the pieces and cast the sacred sword with the eternal power of love. Fight and protect the mythical world that you have been looking for.

Tale of Swords mod

The attractive adventures

Enter the vast world of Tale of Swords: Eternal Love, you can create yourself a hero with an abundant custom system allowing you to intervene in the editing and create your favourite character. You will become a witch hunter, in which you can start your adventure by moving to receive the quest from NPC. They will ask you to destroy the monsters or collect items around the map. When you complete those quests, you can get some exciting rewards including experience points, equipment and money. Of course, upgrading the power of your character will be very important, which will come from levelling up, powerful equipment and rare martial arts.

This game will revolve around character building and fighting with monsters, bosses or with other players. Although it may seem simple, it requires your hard work and hunting equipment and martial arts throughout. Tale of Swords: Eternal Love is not a paid game to win. The game requires you to search for and make friends with allies and create friendship, which will bring a lot of joy when fighting together and be confronting against other allies.

Tale of Swords mod

The abundant features and constantly updated

Tale of Swords: Eternal Love will be developed well, which promises to bring you the regular updates of new features and events. In the game, you can also join the gaming community on Facebook to learn the experience as well as Player Killing (PK) ability of many different players around the world. Moreover, you will be able to have a very cute pet system, which you can train and upgrade to make you stronger.

Tale of Swords mod

The excellent graphics

Tale of Swords: Eternal Love will bring you a revolutionary 3D experience, in which you will enjoy beautiful images with HD quality, special effects brilliant and a lot of attractions. In addition, the game has a very impressive feature which you can ride on the sword and fly everywhere. This flight not only allows you to observe 360 ​​° viewing angle but also up to 720 °, which will help you explore the world with a completely new perspective.

Tale of Swords mod

Download and install

Tale of Swords: Eternal Love MOD can be a new and exciting game of the sword art genre. Although the new game has just released, it promises to be a great game in the future. Currently, the game is available on both Android and IOS platforms. You can download the game via the link below and easily install it by accepting some access rights. We wish you to have the great gaming experience!

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