Sword Man – Monster Hunter

Sword Man Monster Hunter

Sword Man – Monster Hunter is a new exciting and engaging 2D role-playing game from the makers Gemmob. You will be a Bounty Hunter, who moves and fights in completely new maps against monsters, avoid dangerous traps and complete complex missions to earn amazing rewards. There will be many treasure chests, so you should be sure to explore them in great detail for getting more rewards.

Sword Man Monster Hunter


Entering the game, you will receive a sword with 4 attacking stats and a weapon that resembles a fake arm with no damage, which is just for expelling the enemy. The game has a simple plot that combines fighting elements and adventure. The game will be very interesting without too hard to play. Your main task is fighting so you need to move and beat the monsters with your weapons until they die.

Each level will have a certain amount of monsters scattered along the way with the obstacles that you need to pass through. You cut the bushes to detect and inspect the monster. Sometimes they will hide in it.

Everything will get harder and harder at the new stage because the monsters will get bigger. But your weapons will not be strong enough to kill zombies quickly, so this is time to use your skills and your ingenuity to dodge and manipulate the combos of weapons for defeating the monsters.

Sword Man mod

The game is designed quite neatly. On the left hand, there are two keys for moving. On the right hand are the jumping key and two keys for using weapons. This is probably the way of key arrangement. The boss is familiar with the fighting games on mobile and the top left corner will be your blood bar of 100 for each level.

About weapons upgrading, each weapon has three components for being created so you have to pick each weapon and learn about it then check whether you have enough material or not. There are two ways of collecting them, which are fighting and collecting or buy a chest for 2 diamonds then open it. Maybe you will have a chance to receive them. When you have crafted the weapon, you will continue to search for that weapon.

Sword Man – Monster Hunter has a simple 2D graphics, which will help you handle everything easier. In addition, the game support to collect treasure chests and upgrade weapons, which will always appeal to you with interesting rewards.

Sword Man Monster Hunter

Installation instruction of Sword Man – Monster Hunter:

  • Download the APK file and install as normal.
  • You need to click on the shop in the top right corner for buying the legendary chest for 15 diamonds and open it.
  • After opening the chest, you will have a lot of diamonds to buy a lot of gold.

This game is in the testing progress. Therefore, if you have any problems with playing the game, you can contact the manufacturer immediately to fix or be able to evaluate it on Google Play. Finally, if you see this game is interesting, please share it with your friends. Have fun game!

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