Survival Island: Evolve Clans

Survival Island Evolve Clans mod

Survival games always bring a unique feature to the players, so manufacturers will always be creative to make these games new and more interesting. Today I would like to introduce the newest game in this genre with the most innovative creature called Survival Island: Evolve Clans. This game will allow you to develop your character and bring your character like a last survivor. You will level up and develop the character by exploring the island, gathering resources available, building shelters, making weapons, armour, food, domesticating animals…

Survival Island: Evolve Clans mod

The Interesting Gameplay

Like other survival games, you will be lost on the strange island full of dangerous enemies, but this is also a pretty place to live. In the game, you will start looking for resources around you such as trees, rocks, ropes, and combining them to form a weapon or tool. You can cut the coconut trees to get the wood and leaves, find the vines to make the rope and many more things around you. After having yourself the tools and weapon, I suggest you aim to build yourself a shelter with the collected materials.

Survival Island: Evolve Clans mod

There will be dangers from fierce animals such as crocodiles, tigers, leopards… You have to fight with them to protect yourself. Otherwise, you will die. You can also tame a pet for your companion on this island. Your pet will also help you in fighting as well as taking care of you. The producer also promised that in upcoming releases, there will be updates to Survival Island: Evolve Clans becomes an online game. You will meet other players on the island and fight or work with them to survive better. Maybe, they will create more attractive gameplays.

Survival Island: Evolve Clans mod

The graphics and sound

Survival Island: Evolve Clans was designed with 3D graphics with a first-person perspective, which makes you feel like you are in the real life. The surrounding area is also very lively, with many bright colours. The sound of the game is good as the creation of the sound of the environment which match to the activities of the characters.

Survival Island: Evolve Clans mod


Survival Island: Evolve Clans is a great survival game. With its innovative features, the game will give you a different feeling of survival. The producers have also made great promises about developing this game in the near future. You can download this game and learn how to become the best survivor in the wildlife. The game is only available on the Android platform so the IOS users have to wait a bit more to be able to experience this game. Have a fun game!

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