SuperStar SMTOWN

SuperStar SMTOWN
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SuperStar SMTOWN is a music game, which has a lot of artist from S.M ENTERTAINMENT. Like SuperStar BTS, Dalcomsoft, Inc. game developer also invested in another musical story composed of all the artists under the management of SMTOWN (One of Korea’s top award-winning companies). With many artists and popular songs, you can immerse in a musical story with your idols.

SuperStar SMTOWN

SMTOWN story

SMTOWN is one of the leading entertainment corporations in Korea (together with two other companies, JYP Entertainment & YG Entertainment) where they specialize in training, managing, producing and distributing K- POP. It was founded by Lee Soo-man in 1989, he has trained a lot of successful artists in his early days, such as the girl group S.E.S. (1997), boy band Shinhwa (1998). In 2003, the company began to expand its international market by launching more popular bands such as TVXQ, Super Junior. Since 2012, SMTOWN has constantly expanded its business and developing the corporation to a new level.

SuperStar SMTOWN

Superstar SMTOWN playstyle

Like SuperStar BTS, you will be joined the exciting music story from over 34 SMTOWN artists. You will have the opportunity to meet your idols through the beautiful cards of your idols. If you play well, you will receive more bonuses and diamonds as well as increasingly unlock more new cards. There are more than 300 songs of SMTOWN artists in this game, you can comfortably hear and dance with the music.

In SuperStar SMTOWN, you will choose songs with difficulty depending on the rhythm of the song, which will appear in a colourful space with 4 different rhythms. Along with a musical space in your phone, you have to quickly tap on those rhythms when they run almost to your phone’s screen. It will be difficult when these circles are interconnected requiring you to keep your fingers while other rhythms are still running so you need to be faster.

SuperStar SMTOWN

Upgrade the artist cards

This feature is a surprise to SuperStar SMTOWN, the attraction is not only the novelty of the new cards but also the passion of your idol, so you will continue dancing to get more rewards for upgrading idols. You do not let you get too deep into the game. Let yourself rest and relax with your idols. .

SuperStar SMTOWN

Graphics and sound

The image of SuperStar SMTOWN is beautiful with the appearance of many idols. In addition, when you dance, there will be a lot of moving colourful notes and the beautiful effect will attract you a lot. You should take some rest for your eyes. Sounds are very exciting with over 300 high-quality songs, which have made the SMTOWN artists’ fame. You just enjoy them all.

SuperStar SMTOWN


You are a fan of K-POP or SM, it is impossible to ignore SuperStar SMTOWN, an interesting music game. Download the game and meet your idols, also enjoy many wonderful artworks. You can try the game and evaluate it most accurately so that the manufacturer improves the game better. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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