Stormborne 3: Blade War


Stormborne 3: Blade War is a new game developed by a Korean game company called Influhoon. This is a real action role-playing game, the features in the game are authentic, smooth character action. You will be a fighter in an adventure to retrieve your lost memory and escape the Gladiatorial arena, but adventurous battles will not disappoint you.

The gameplay of Stormborne 3: Blade War

Your quest begins when you are in the Gladiatorial arena. You will have a spear and a shield when you start the journey and fight with the guards of the arena. You have to kill them and get the rewards. Your achievements are experience and gold to the levels up and unlock the great skills of warriors. You will have 6 skills. Using the skills will consume a lot of MP. You can buy MP at the store. Complete the missions to level up faster and collect the equipment to increase the strength of your gladiator. Fighting and finding yourself in this journey!

Key Features of Stormborne 3:

  • Great graphics with beautiful skills and easy controls.
  • Abundant and exciting rewards through battles.
  • Unique growth and collecting.

Stormborne 3: Blade War MOD is a violent game, so you need to be more than 12 years old to play it, and always have control over your behaviour while playing. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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