Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

Surely, every gamer knows of the simple and fun stickman characters. They are simulated in human form but are designed in the simple style and full of fun. Today, we would like to introduce you to an interesting strategy game about these stickmen. The game is called Stick War: Legacy. This is very addictive for the player. In the game, you will be like an intelligent leader, and start building a mighty stickman army to battle with many different opponents. The battles will be tactical. Let’s join the game and invade all the land you want.

Stick Wars: Legacy is a great game developed by Max Games Studios, which is focused on two major platforms, Android and IOS. The game has received the attention of millions of people, who love this game and has been looking for it a lot. Eventually, the video of playing Stick War: Legacy has up to 10 million viewers. Those numbers are great for a mobile game, but the intriguing side of Stick War: Legacy deserves that attention. In this article, we will work together to find out what makes the game attractive, as well as to get the game files fastest and safest.

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Stick War: Legacy

The basic gameplay

Stick War: Legacy focuses on the unique tactics of the battle. The game will be quite simple and not sophisticated in creating the gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to a unique school with a battlefield, which has a monument on each side. At the foot of the monuments are large gold mines that need to be mined. You will start to use the gold to buy the stickman gold digger to exploit the gold mine. After that, you will buy stickman soldiers to protect your territory and attack your opponents. You have to continue to exploit resources and build up your army until you are strong enough to fight. Do not let your gold excess, keep buying more troops and fighting!

In Stick War: Legacy, the player’s task is to fight and try to destroy the statue of the enemy, but that will not be easy and requires the good tactics. Stick War: Legacy’s battle screen will be simple and easy for everyone, in which you will see in the top left corner the place to buy different stickman. You can rely on the icon to see the task of each type of stickman. For example, the mandrel icon is a stickman worker; stick or archery icon is stickman of fighting. The upper right corner of the screen shows the amount of gold, army number, attack command, defence and retreat. You can buy many types of stickman at the same time but only up to 40 ones. When you buy them, you will need to wait a short time for these stickmen can be born.

There are three basic commands for you to use and control your army including Attack, Defend and Retreat. Each order will serve a different purpose.

  • Attack: It will have two swords cross symbols. When you click on the symbol, there will be an attack order and all the soldiers that you have but the sticky gold mining will attack massively the enemy.
  • Defence: It will have a shield icon. When you feel your army is weaker and want to preserve the force. When you click on it, all your troops will receive a defensive command immediately for protecting the statue.
  • Retreat: It has the castle symbol. When you use this command, all the troops and workers will retreat and the defensive force will attack the enemy. But your statue will have no guards.

The above are all the operations of the game. It is important to see how you combine them and bring the good tactics to win.

Stick War: Legacy

Interesting game modes

Stick War: Legacy has very simple but interesting game modes. Hereafter, I will give you all the great game modes of the game so that you can refer and learn about them.

The first is the Classic Campaign mode: This is the most basic game mode, in which you will participate in a lot of campaigns to conquer the lands in the world map. Every time you occupy a land, you can occupy the next land.
The second is the Tournament mode: In which, you will play with different opponents like the league of a football tournament. You will play and win to enter the next round. After winning the final round, you will win the championship and get many other attractive rewards.

The third is the Endless Deads mode. This is a rather unusual mode, in which you will perform an endless defence against the attacks of the Stickman zombies. They will be overflowing. You have to exploit a lot of gold and buy more troops to defend over the many different nights and get more rewards.

Stick War: Legacy

Upgrade system in Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy will have a stickman system and the exciting upgrading system. The basic stickman will include Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon, Spearton, Magikill and some other characters such as giants… These characters will be able to upgrade to become stronger and unique through the various outfits. But you will need a lot of rewards to be able to own more powerful outfits. In addition, you will have a system of other items to upgrade inside the shop. The upgrades will help the stickman get more stats to make the battle easier.


Download and install Stick War: Legacy (MOD + APK).

Stick War: Legacy has the simple 2D graphics so the size of the game is also quite light. The game’s file size is only about 75 MB so it is easy to be downloaded and installed. First, you scroll to the end of this article and click on the link. You will be taken to a page to download this game as an APK file. You can choose which files you need including Stick War: Legacy APK and Stick War: Legacy MOD. You just click on the file. It will be automatically downloaded. The link will not have ads and viruses.

In Stick War: Legacy MOD (Money/Gems), you need to buy and upgrade the available power in the shop. After upgrading, your gems will be increased continuously.

Stick War: Legacy


In general, Stick War: Legacy has a simple graphics, easy-to-play style for all ages. If you are using an Android phone, you can download this game and enjoy it. With the Stick War: Legacy MOD version, you can create many advantages in battles with unlimited money and gems, which will bring you more exciting experiences and entertainment. Do not forget to visit our site regularly to find new games and support us to find more cool games! Let’s download the game below and enjoy it right away! Thanks and have a fun game!

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