Star Summoners

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Star Summoners is a new strategic role-playing game. If you have ever heard of the famous game, Summoners’ War: Sky Arena, Star Summoners will be also a great game that you should not miss. In the game, you will discover a new world full of beautiful and powerful spirits. You should train them to defeat all the monsters and gain glory in this arena.

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The exciting battles

In the game, you will lead your spirits to participate in battles in different lands. You can choose a land that you want to fight in. Each land will contain various rewards such as experience, mana stones, jewels… In the beginning, we recommend that you should fight in Corelium, which has the same level and give you the most experience. There are many levels that you will need to overcome to explore the entire land and get the amazing rewards.

In Star Summoners, the battles will take place in the familiar turn-based style. In which, the spirits will fight the enemies on the other side, and the enemies will also respond by attacking you in turn. You need to create your own tactics by combining the spirits and their skills together to create a strategy of your style and win the game. The game will have a lot of obstacles such as dungeons, monsters, bosses, quests…, all of which have different difficulty levels.

In addition, strengthening the spirits is essential. You can do it by using the pearls to upgrade their skills, learn more about the pearls as well. You should use the skills properly, which also involves building up a fighting squad so never contempt your enemies. The PvP battles will bring you many battles with other players in the world. They will have very good tactics and ability.

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The abundant character collection

Although the abundance of the Star Summoners may not be equal to other games of the same genre, it still brings you over 400 different spirits. The will be increased in the future version. For the success of the game, Summoners’ War: Sky Arena, it took the developer four years to build the game. Therefore, you will need to trust and support the new game in the coming time. In addition, you can create the new spirits by combining the original spirits together, which will be like creating your babies. It is surely interesting.

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The graphics

Star Summoners is designed with the great detailed 3D graphics. The images are designed to be incredibly beautiful, more prominent than the games of the same genre. The character is designed meticulously and carefully so you will make you interested in. The skills of the spirits are beautiful and abundant, which will take you a long time to discover all of them.

Star Summoners mod apk

Download Star Summoners APK MOD for Android/IOS

In general, Star Summoners will bring the players the new and exciting strategies. We hope the game will become the best game in the future. Currently, the game is offered on both Android and IOS platforms, which will make the player easy to enjoy the game. You can download the game by using the link below. Have a great game!

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