Star Legends – Robot Wars

Star Legends
Star Legends – Robot Wars
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If you are a robot lover who wants to own a special robot, Star Legends (Dreamsky) will be the best game for you. It was developed with a new Mecha style by the best professor of DreamSky Ltd. This game is full of ARPG action elements. In the game, you will be transformed into powerful robots. With easy controls, you will step into the space wars. You have to win the game to get the precious metals called Mechas for upgrading yourself to be the super robot of the universe.

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Star Legends

The Robot War

In the game, you will be a powerful robot. With the action gameplay, you will need to move and fight with the default skills. You need to hold and drag the cursor in the lower left corner to move the robot. The skill of the robot will be placed on the right side. You will have 5 different skills and one key for basic attacks. You can start moving and fighting by slicing other robots that appear on the map, dropping them all and getting useful resources for you such as experience, money and diamond. You can use them to upgrade your Robots for more power.

Star Legends (Dreamsky) will also provide you with many nice and powerful robots. You can unlock them with gold or diamonds after each battle. In addition, the super robots can be bought with real money. If you like them, you can buy them because they are very beautiful and strong, which will not let you down. During the fight, your robot will also have an evolutionary form. If you feel your robot loses too much blood and weaker than your opponent, you can instantly evolve to regain its advantage. After the revolution, your robot will have a new set of skills so you should consider it.

Star Legends

The Game Modes

Star Legends (Dreamsky) will have 3 basic game modes including Battle, PvP and PvE. As per your preference, you can choose your favourite mode. The most interesting mode is PvP because it can connect with other players and fight in battles of up to 3 people. In which, you can show off your ability.

Star Legends mod

The graphics

The game has the 3D graphics. In addition, the formation of robots is as elaborate as drawing a work of art. The combat environment is also designed with a lot of special ideas on different planets or in spacecraft… They will surprise you much.

Star Legends


Star Legends (Dreamsky) MOD is an interesting game that you should not miss. With all the great features of the gameplay, graphics…, the game will satisfy your gaming favourite. In addition, we also have a game on the topic of Robot War that you can refer to such as Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots. Currently, this game is supporting both Android and IOS so you can download and enjoy right now. Have a fun game!

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