Errant: Hunter’s Soul

The Soul of Hunter apk

Errant: Hunter’s Soul is a new engaging role-playing game from a Chinese game maker, NetEase. The game was developed by NetEase for nearly three years and finally launched in late 2017. It has been carefully invested. It is now available on both Android and iOS operating systems with the capacity of 1Gb. Therefore, you should prepare your equipment well before downloading this game at our website.

The Soul of Hunter apk

Errant: Hunter’s Soul is a monster hunting game, which is similar to many other monster hunting games in the world. The characters in the game are not classed or clearly defined. The players can clarify the character through the weapon. There are six different types of weapons including the Great Sword, Gunlance, Fist, Staff, Bow and Dual Blades. Each weapon has its own unique features so you should choose a character that uses your favourite weapons or matches your play style.

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The Soul of Hunter apk

Interesting gameplay

In Errant: Hunter’s Soul, you will transform into a great hunter in a vast world. When you catch the monsters you will receive a lot of rewards and equip your character so that you can be stronger against the stronger monsters. In addition, the monsters in this game will not display the normal blood bar that you will have to attack different parts of the monster’s body and take it down slowly. When the monsters were attacked too much, it will be fury and enhance their skills as well as will appear more skills. It will make you in danger.

In the game, you will merge into the large world and a beautiful 3D graphics. Errant: Hunter’s Soul will take you to the mysterious western world with lots of monsters, which only appear in the west. This game will not provide you with the same common tasks. Instead, the game will provide quests like hunting, cooking, finding treasure… so you can distribute your time while playing.

The Soul of Hunter apk

Skills system and game modes

All characters have special skill sets that combine perfectly with the weapons. While waiting for the skills to heal, you can use the normal skills. By winning powerful monsters, you can unlock new skills as well as new weapons with tremendous power.

PvP and PvE Modes are open to all players and are not limited to the player’s level. Therefore, you can instantly enjoy all of the game’s attractions without waiting. Moreover, you can also participate in online chatting with other players to exchange and discuss anti-monsters in the most effective way.

The Soul of Hunter apk


The game was designed on Engine 4, which is similar to some other NetEase games such as Rule of Survival or Knife Out, will bring you a very interesting experience. All the scenery and the monsters in the game are meticulously scrubbed so that the players will feel like the real thing. Let’s join the fierce battle with a lot of monsters in this huge world of Errant: Hunter’s Soul.

The Soul of Hunter apk


The appeal of this game comes from the fascination of monsters hunting theme, which is always warmly welcomed by enthusiasts around the world. There is nothing to discuss anymore. Errant: Hunter’s Soul is the great game that you should play right now and enjoy the exciting moment with the phone.

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