Soccer Royale 2018, the ultimate football clash!

Soccer Royale 2018, the ultimate football clash!
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You have ever heard of Clash Royale from the famous game maker, Supercell. However, have you ever thought that there is a football game built in the strategy style? Today, we would like to introduce to you such a game from Genera Games game maker, called Soccer Royale 2018. It can bring you the absolutely new football experience and strategy. Let’s explore a bit about this strange looking combination right now!

Soccer Royale 2018 mod

The special football match

Soccer Royale 2018 will be very similar to Clash Royale that you will find online opponents from all over the world. Each team will have 5 players, they will be coming with your own strategies before the game, you will play by picking players and pulling them so they dash and hit the ball causing the ball forward the opponent’s goal. You will have very ordinary players but you can also upgrade their power so that they become epic heroes like Clash Royale. Thereafter, they will have more defence or attack parameters. You can also use your player to push the opponent’s ball without making a foul which will be like an epic war.

Evolving the heroes through the cards will give them different special strengths. When evolving players, you need to pay attention to the energy line when you evolve some of the most energy points and the state after the evolution. Because these states will sustain during the game or just temporary so you need to have some understanding of evolution. After using a token, there will be another random card that replaces the used card so you should know what you have and use it appropriately.

Soccer Royale 2018 mod

Collecting many special cards

Soccer Royale 2018 also offers a wide variety of heroic cards that you can freely collect and use. Each card has its own characteristics, which can bring effects to the team or just make a player a hero only. Besides, you can upgrade your existing cards by collecting more cards of the same type and upgrading them to have more power. You can also use the power from these cards and control the matches.

Soccer Royale 2018 mod

Game modes and tournaments

Soccer Royale 2018 is an online soccer strategy game, so you need to have a stable network connection to play. You will also be playing against many different players in the world in multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can also join the big weekly tournaments, in which you will be playing against the top players and getting the most valuable rewards.

Soccer Royale 2018 mod

The design and sound

Soccer Royale 2018 is designed with the same graphics as Clash Royale. You will have a top-down view of the matches, which make you easy to observe the game. The images are also designed to be sharp, bright and vibrant. The sound of the game also has the pretty good feature with the voice acting of the players as you play football as well as the evolution of the players. There is plenty of exciting music to be featured in the game.

Soccer Royale 2018 mod


Soccer Royale 2018 is a fascinating addition. It will probably get the attention of so many people. You should be the first to play it to get the top teams of the world, who grasp all the attractive strategies. Soccer Royale 2018 will become the second Clash Royale with a huge number of players. You can download games on Android platform and start playing right now. Have a great game!

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