Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors

Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors
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Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors is a world of music and exciting action, in which you will use a guitar as a weapon instead of the familiar weapons like guns or swords for protecting the world. You will fight a lot of monsters from different worlds, overcome many levels of difficulty and receive many exciting rewards. Are you ready to protect the world right now?

Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors

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The game is produced by Wave Cortex with a completely new story, Players Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors will be entering the world of music, which is nurtured by the harmonious Harmony melodies. But the world has been harassed by monsters that create a lot of noise, they have come in many ways and have made this beautiful world out of balance. You will transform into a solitary warrior with a guitar in your hand. With your courage, you need to fight your best to save this beautiful world.

Slashy Chords Guitar Warriors

The gameplay of Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors

In the game, you will be taken to different levels, in which you will have to fight with certain monsters that randomly appear on the island. You must find ways to destroy them quickly. By using your guitar to create sharp lines before the monsters reach the blue rock music. If they touch the stone, you will have to stop the game immediately.

After each level, you will be given the option of increasing your stats such as attack, blood, or bonus, which make you start the next level more easily and kill monsters more quickly. The monsters will move very sluggishly, so you need to adjust your strings properly so that they can strike correctly.

The reward for your victory will be the pearls and gold coins. You can use them to upgrade your equipment like a hat or a guitar to make them stronger and look better. You have to look forward and upgrade the new guitar for yourself for creating more fun when playing the game.

Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors

Graphics and sound

Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors is a lightweight 2D graphics game, with cute characters. In addition, the animation style chosen by the designer is very well suited for a fun music game. Because this is the music game, the main sound is the guitar sound, which is created by yourself.

Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors


Slashy Chords: Guitar Warriors is a new and exciting game so you can download it and challenge your own musical talents in different levels. At this time, the manufacturer only provided a version for the iOS operating system, so Android users need to wait a little longer for the next update. We will continue to update the game news for you in this article. Wish you have happy gaming experience!

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