Shadowgun Legends

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Shadowgun Legends is a unique game from developer MADFINGER Games, which was officially launched after months of trial registration. Now, the game has been attracted the huge number of people installing on the Play Store. In the game, the robots battles with action role-playing style make you excited. You should try the game right now.

Shadowgun Legends

The story of Shadowgun Legends

In the future life, the human beings will be attacked by extraterrestrials with modern and advanced weapons. They use inanimate robots to attack the people. They are directed to destroy everything on the way. You will take on the role of a Shadowgun fighting for protecting the Earth. With infinite possibilities and skilful of sophisticated weapons, you can start the fight for bringing the peace back.

Shadowgun Legends


At the beginning of the game, you will quickly start a story of new technologies, and all people are equipped with exotic armour. You will move around a bit and immediately given the task of attacking a small base of robots farce for proving your fighting ability, as well as making you a little familiar with the gameplay.

With action style, Shadowgun Legends will constantly force you to engage in gun battles and dangerous missions. You will be brought to the enemy base by the modern vehicles. You need to move flexibly to act, shoot accurately and hide as necessary, which are the most important skills for a warrior. When you destroy all the enemies, your mission will be successful.

Character upgrading will also be an integral part of the game. The rewards you earn in missions will be upgraded to your character only, there are many things to choose from such as defence, speed, and power of the gun. All of them should be carefully calculated if you want to be the leader and always master the battle.

Shadowgun Legends

The huge arsenal

First, let’s talk about guns in Shadowgun Legends. Currently, manufacturers have put in more than 200 types of guns from basic guns to modern guns, which are only in the future, so it is great that you can choose according to your preferences and freely explore the features, characteristics of the guns.

In addition, more than 200 armour sets are available so you can choose and combine them with 150 other cosmetic items to create your own character in your own combat style. Everything is as in the endless open world.

Shadowgun Legends

Fight with others

You can connect to other players in the world via the internet. Shadowgun Legends players will always have teammates in intense battles or difficult missions; create guilds to find more friends and participate in battles. The guild is full of fun and interesting. If you feel overwhelmed, you can visit all the interesting streets in the game, communicate with people or interact with the NPC.

Shadowgun Legends

Graphics and sound

Shadowgun Legends is based on the beautiful 3D platform with beautiful imagines from the makers, MADFINGER Games with incredible visual controls and incredible accuracy. Hundreds of millions of players have been attracted by the creativity and passion of Shadowgun Legends. The sound is also a great thing, characters are carefully voiced with the words sound when preparing to fight or defeat the enemy.

Shadowgun Legends


Shadowgun Legends MOD is a great game with a huge community and many exciting new features, which are constantly being updated. It will be a world shooting game on your phone. You do not wait anymore, let’s load it right now. If it is interesting, please share it with your friends. Have a fun game!

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