SEGA Heroes

SEGA Heroes mod

SEGA is a popular game maker with a lot of interesting games that focus on exploiting animated characters and gradually making them the legendary characters. SEGA has a famous games series called Sega Forever on mobile to commemorate their fascinating games. Today, this producer will bring a new game called SEGA Heroes, which will bring the player the whole hero collection of SEGA. Let’s join with them on an exciting action RPG adventure on mobile.

SEGA Heroes mod

The gameplay

SEGA Heroes will be the perfect combination of Match-3 style and a role-playing game, in which you will be playing both genres at once on your device screen. You will collect and build your favourite SEGA team from legendary characters like Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball and Golden Ax … then you will join them in a fascinating puzzle game. The puzzle will be the arrangement of the energy stones which you will move the same colour stones to explode them and strengthen your hero. Each stone will contain different types of energy. In accordance with each hero, you will distinguish the difference between the colour of the stones and the framework symbol of the hero.

You will meet many hard opponents in each level. In order to activate your hero, you need to find the same coloured stones as the hero you have and make them explode, then your hero will attack the enemy with their skills. SEGA Heroes will be a very fair and attractive turn-based strategy game. Therefore, to win the game, your mind and strategy will be important.

SEGA Heroes mod

Developing the hero

Possessing the heroes means you have to build and upgrade them so that you can have the strongest team. You can level up, upgrade your skills to help your hero becomes stronger. Also, you can collect a lot of special rewards from storyline battles or PvP battles with other players for upgrading your hero. You will be improved through puzzles and levels of the game.

SEGA Heroes mod

The graphics and sound

SEGA Heroes is designed with a unique and amazing graphics with the good interface and beautiful battle. In addition, the beautiful images from the skills and effects in the game will bring a lot of fun that you cannot be ignored. The sound of the game also contains a lot of funny voices as well as great fighting elements, all of which will match with the battle situations of the game.

SEGA Heroes mod


In general, SEGA Heroes will bring a lot of new and attractive features from the unique combination of two attractive game styles from a famous game maker. This game is very interesting in the future. You can download this game with the link below and do not forget to rate and share the game if you find it interesting. Have the great gaming time!

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