Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade


Seaports have appeared in many famous films or stories that you have known. Now, the Seaport is a game that will take you on a journey through history, building ports and exchanging goods with modern ships. You will become a wealthy tycoon if you are ready starting it right away.

Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade

Starting from a wilderness on the coast, you’ll have to find the resources you need and start building some small coastal works. Look for some small boats to start trading with. in other places in the world and start earning profits, when you have a little money, you do not hurry because everything has just started. You can use the money to expand your Seaport, build more great works, and buy more modern ships to make more money.

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Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade

The pirates will be a difficulty for you. They will rob everything you have and this is where you need to power up your ship. You have to win the pirates and gain great rewards. This is a simulation game but it has more adventurous elements, which will make the gameplay of Seaport more interesting. When you go to explore the new land, the new seaports, sometimes you encounter new pirates.

Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade

Key Features of Seaport

  • Building a seaport and buying famous ships.
  • Completing seamen contracts and exploring unknown lands.
  • Trading with your friends to create more fun.
  • Fighting against Vikings, Romans and pirates to create historic naval battles.

The game is quite easy to play but it still needs the mindset and ability to control your leadership for operating an effective Seaport MOD. Do not hesitate to embark on the job of becoming a billionaire. Have fun game!

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