Sdorica mirage

Sdorica sunset

After more than four years of development, the maker of the Rayark Games has released the game Sdorica mirage challenging the limits of design, sound and story in the role-playing genre. The whole world is black, and the Sdorica dragon controls everything including humans. You are a Watcher. You will fight to change the world and protect the people. Sdorica mirage officially opened in some countries like Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines. For other countries, you need to keep track of new updates. But you can download the APK file from the link below and try this game.

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Sdorica sunset

Download Sdorica mirage Apk latest for Android

Entering the world of Sdorica mirage APK, you will be in control of a team of 3 characters in 3 different worlds. They all have different skills and roles to bring out the lineup that matches his playing style. Sdorica’s play -Sunset- is quite simple but it is also very unique so that your character can release skills easily. You need to pair the squares of the same colour. Each box has different uses depending on which skill you want your character to use.

Sdorica sunset

In essence, Sdorica mirage MOD is mixed from a variety of elements, from the main element of RPG to tactical combat and little of puzzle elements. You have to focus on observing and repeating the pieces so that your character retreats and causes more damage.

Sdorica sunset

Key features of Sdorica mirage:

  • Colorful and wonderful environment. Each character will stand on a stage.
  • Music is well-balanced by Chamber Chu musician.
  • Images are hand-drawn by 2D animation artists.
  • Abundant strategy with different combinations and arrangements depending on the player.

Sdorica sunset

The game is in a mysterious time with hand-crafted graphics. With the unique fighting system that is why gamers are attracted journey to explore the world of Sdorica mirage.

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