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Football is still the most popular sport in the world with many tournaments, the most attractive rewards and a large number of football fans. First Touch Games Ltd. has launched its latest football game named Score! Match. After 2 attractive games including Score! Hero and Dream League Soccer 2018, this third game is a change to bring more new attractive features to the player. We hope you enjoy it.

The interesting gameplay

The game is still the very attractive matches between the top teams in the world, with the top league of the planet, you can freely choose their favourite football players and put them on your dream team. The rules are very familiar, in which each team will consist of 11 players arranged in different positions to match your tactics. These players will rob the ball to score the goal.

In Score! Match, when the player dribbling, it will be like the normal football game. If you intend to shoot the ball or passing the ball, it will be a completely different thing because the shooting action of this game is not the same. In this game, you would be paused for a few seconds and thinking of your shot angle by swiping the phone screen toward the angle that you want to shoot. To win the game, you have to score goals. When you score goals, there will be articles about your team goals. In addition, you have to upgrade players to achieve their full potential, which is also interesting.

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The game Modes

Score! Match will still have two main modes including real-time PvP and tournaments. If you like to participate in tournaments and compete with smart AI, this is the good choice for you. This mode will help you train your skills and earn extra rewards from the championships. If you love showing off your skills, PvP will be what you are looking for. In this mode, you will play against many different players in the world in real matches. It will be very difficult when you encounter the good players.

The design and sound

Score! Match has the 3D graphics and wide viewing angles which help the players cover the game more easily. The match effects are also very interesting. The sound of the game is well invested with enthusiastic commentators who comment on the match situation. The sound from the audience also very exciting like you are in a real football match.

Score! Match mod


Score! Match MOD is one of the first 3 games of First Touch Games. With simple gameplay, lots of beautiful images, you can easily enjoy the top matches on your phone. Currently, the game is supporting both Android and IOS so you can freely download the game and enjoy it now.

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