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Samkok Z
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The history of Asia countries has gone through a period of feudalism. With so many fierce wars, Samkok Z will be a story about a land of China that focuses primarily on the Three Kingdoms period. This is the chaos time in Chinese history with the division between the three countries Wei, Shu, Wu. Recently, the tactical games of the Three Kingdoms War genre are also booming because of their attractive tactics. You will rewrite the historical story for these lands. Let’s join with us to explore the attractions of the game!

Samkok Z mod

The gameplay

The era of chaos and war has begun. You will have to rise and build yourself a powerful kingdom to destroy the enemies. In the game, you can lead the historical characters of this era, communicate with them to discover more stories and learn more unique tactics. Since ancient times, China has always been a country of the division with many war and killing. You will build your kingdom and use your strategies to manage your generals to increase your defence and attack power.

Samkok Z mod

In Samkok Z, you will be leading a lot of famous generals, who will help you build and protect the country. The more famous the generals are, the more powerful properties they will be. Moreover, you can take your troops to invade other lands to earn more trophies then use them to build your country. You have to manage everything perfectly to become stronger.

Samkok Z mod

The graphics and sound

Samkok Z will provide you with an interesting graphics and beautiful pictures. In addition, there will be a lot of historical scenes. The sound of the game has also been added to many of the great and exciting soundtracks. Moreover, the producer has dubbed the characters meticulously, so you can hear their voices through the tutorial for you.

Samkok Z mod


Samkok Z MOD will have a lot of new and attractive features. You will also be playing strategically with thousand ways of country construction and protection. You should be a wise king so that your kingdom can prosper. At present, the game is offering on the Android platform. IOS users need to wait for more time to be enjoyed it. Wish you have the great gaming time!

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