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Rules of Survival mod

From the end of 2017 when a survival-type shooter game named PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the mobile appeared, it has developed all around the world with the hundreds of manufacturers offering the shooting games and has had a lot of successful games with millions of installers, which has given the producers the huge profits. One of the great successes of this genre is Rules of Survival, which is an attractive game from NetEase Games. You are so familiar with survival games. You will be brought into a combat environment in an 8×8 km map consisting of 120 people or 300 people depending on which mode you are in. You have to fight and survive on this map because only one person survives and wins.

Rules of Survival mod apk

The familiar battle

They are still the very intense and attractive battles from many beautiful islands, of which there are 120 or 300 people involved in a fight or rather shoot. The last survivor will be the winner. But it is really difficult to stack up, you will start with nothing. How can you win? The game was created with fairness that you were nothing else. The other players would be like. You start moving on the island and finding the weapons. To find the better weapons and equipment, you should look for larger buildings on the island, in which there will also be a lot of players so you should choose to jump straight to the works to be faster than the other players.

With a large number of players, you will face a lot of difficulties, from fighting equipment to choosing the right tactics. Sometimes, the appearance of an unknown player can break all your plans. When you defeat other players, you can get items falling from them. But you do not be too greedy for items that are sometimes trapped by other players to seduce you. Rules of Survival will bring you a new concept, which will require you to move constantly and reasonably because the safe areas are gradually narrowing. If you stand outside this area, you will lose blood very quickly and die. Therefore, you should keep yourself in it to do not have to die in vain.

Rules of Survival

The big map

Rules of Survival is probably the best survival-fighting shooter ever with the largest map and number of players in the world. In the latest update, the game has been able to have a maximum of 300 combatants in a map, which is up to 8×8 km. You might be looking forward to facing and fighting with so many players.

One thing to keep in mind is that the vast map will have a lot of different terrains that you need to study carefully to get the right strategy. If you take advantage of the right terrain, you can easily defeat the enemy without too much effort. You should avoid hobbling on this vast map because it can cause you to lose your life.

Rules of Survival

The abundant weapon collection

The rules of the game are quite extensive. We will show you how to choose better weapons and use them better.

  • Firstly, you should pick them up for protecting yourself when you have nothing. If you have other weapons, you should remove them. They include Shotgun – Model 1887, Pistol – G18C, SMG – PP19. , SMG – MP7.
  • Disarmed weapons: You can get these weapons in the air. You can use these weapons in combat including Assault Rifle – AKM, Shotgun – M870, Pistol – Desert Eagle.
  • Good weapons: These weapons are pretty good that have great damage includes Assault Rifle – AR15, Assault Rifle – M4A1, Shotgun – AA12, Sniper – AWM, Sniper – SVD, SMG – Thompson.
  • Advanced Weapon: They are the most stable and highest-damage weapons that you can use to conquer the Top 1 including Assault Rifle – M14EB, Assault Rifle – M249, Sniper – Barrett, Sniper. – AS VAL.
  • Melee weapons: You will have 3 choices that are iron sticks, pans and plastic chickens, of which plastic chicken is the best because it speeds up your moves.

Rules of Survival mod apk

The graphics

Rules of Survival bring the players the stunning realistic 3D graphics with sharp images. The game design and interface are optimized to match the mobile platform. The review is better than PUBG in this respect. In addition, the creation of environmental character and the scene are also the freshest parts, which bring more excited feeling for players. The manufacturers are also interested in and appease the player through the image changes during the important holidays.

Rules of Survival mod apk

Download and install

With a lot of attractions and highlights, Rules of Survival MOD is a game that you should not miss. Currently, the game is available in most countries in multiple languages ​​on both Android and IOS. You can download the game at the link below. We also provide all the installation instruction for Android including how to install APK and OBB files (Here), how to install XAPK files (Here). You should choose a suitable installation and enjoy the game.

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