Romance of the Three Kingdoms


You may play a lot of strategy games, but have you ever thought that it was a standard strategy game. With many of the best strategy games, the players have to compete with each other by the tactical instead of fighting. However, most of the current tactical games will not satisfy your expectations. The game makers often abuse the automatic features as well as the money to win, which makes tactics almost irrelevant. But Romance of the Three Kingdoms will be a unique breakthrough from the producer NEXON Company, which gives you the standard experience of a tactical game.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod

The gameplay requires good tactics

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a standard strategy game, so this is not an easy game. In the game, you have the strong heroes means you win. You need to have a balance in your tactics to make sure that you can win your opponent. You will need to grasp the mutual affirmations between units in the game. In addition, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the rare games that require the players to interact intensively with each other. You cannot expect your generals to fight for you, but you will be the one who directly makes the decisions, such as how to move the general to the position of the troops, and what target to attack. They all will require the good thinking, calculation and ability of each player.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod

Each army can only move to a certain area and attack a certain target in its sweeping ability so every move is a problem for the player. The weather is also one of the interesting features of the game when weather changes that will trigger the attack ability of each hero. For example, the sun will help fire generals have higher damage; Rain will make the Earth generals stronger. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there will be no absolute victory, no humiliating fail. All your defeats will bring the good experience to become more successful in the next battle.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod

The classic graphics

With tactical games, casual players will not ask for a nice and outstanding graphics. Romance of the Three Kingdoms will not have the great in battle or overwhelming battle but it gives the feeling of tension. However, you will enjoy the ancient image as in the historical movie. This is a unique attraction for you.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod


Overall, Romance of the Three Kingdoms MOD is one of the most comprehensive and rewarding strategy games at the moment. This is a unique game and a bright line to the history of more than 30-years game genre. When the explosion of mobile games, this game genre may be resurrected and to be more attractive. The game is available on both Android and IOS operating systems so you can freely download the game via the link below and enjoy the game. Have a fun game!

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