Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale
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Recently, along with the launch of the Fortnite mobile game, there are many exciting and fun games have been released. With the Fortnite style, they have made the gamers around the world very excited. Today, we would like to introduce to you such a game called Rocket Royale. The game will revolve around the battle of life. Although it does not have a great graphics like the super games, it is still fun with the simple gameplay. Let’s learn a bit of this exciting game right now!

Rocket Royale mod

The familiar gameplay

Rocket Royale will still be the survival battle story. In the game, you will immediately be involved in this survival war. You will start the game by joining with other players to the island, move quickly and find weapons, all types of guns will be scattered everywhere so you can pick them up to be ready to fight. You should take advantage of the different terrains to hide and fight, which will give you the advantage to be the last survivor on the island.

There are a lot of difficulties for you because there will be many other players with very good fighting skills on this island, who has the same target as yours. If you want to survive and become the last survivor, you need to show you superior abilities. You should know that the safety circle will be narrowed down so you need to quickly move into the safe area to survive. In addition, Rocket Royale will also feature materials collection and fabrication buildings to cover and hide like Fortnite, which will bring you many attractions.

Rocket Royale mod

The interesting large map

Rocket Royale will have an abundant map, in which the players will find it quite interesting to join this battlefield, build you a safe base on this map and survive. Moving around the map will make you feel tired but there will be lots of interesting landscapes, so you should try to move to find more amazing things.

Rocket Royale mod

The abundant weapon collection

In the game, you can fight your own style, which you can pick up, collect resources, and shoot to knock down opponents. There will be more than 20 weapons. Each of them will have different interesting characteristics. You should upgrade weapons and train unique fighting style.

Rocket Royale mod


Rocket Royale MOD will be a fun and simple game. The game will bring a simple graphics, reduce the complex elements in the survival game. You can download the game from the link below. Wish you have the great gaming experience!

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