Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder


Rise of Ragnarok – A story begins under the deep black waters of the ocean in the Ginnungagap region, where seawater begins to split into two parts that form the Helium and Midgard. They are all into a fierce battle. In this battle, Loki and Odin fought together eventually Odin fell in and was trapped in a mysterious place. You now face many difficulties to free Odin from his prison. The player must fight many enemies on multiple fronts, collecting as many different types of energy jugs as possible to gain more power for himself.

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Rise of Ragnarok

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Enter the battlefield, choose your favourite deck classes from Warrior, Mage, Assassin or Cleric. Each with their own unique abilities, take advantage of them and master the War. We will briefly explore four classes of characters:

  • Assassins are born in a wilderness, they bring danger and deadly elements. They represent the real balance between law and chaos. Assassin takes the job and privacy very seriously.
  • Warriors are trained and fought at Midgard’s academies. They were born with a strong determination. With their will, they are the great opponents of the land of Hel.
  • Mages are powerful magical creatures from birth and Cleric can detect them from their mother’s pregnancy. They are easily attached to everything, and the Sentinel Rune is their pearl for increasing their natural ability and allow them to control their inner strength.
  • Clerics are capable of understanding the past and the future, and planning battles. In battles, they focus their strength to improve their allies power and heal their allies.

Rise of Ragnarok

The battles will get tougher when your opponents and monsters get stronger, so you need to improve your strengths with three things including level, skill and equipment. The task will give you experience and a few basic equipment. If you want to get more equipment, you need to win. But it is not easy because the boss is strong. About the skills, you have to find the NPC Anna, she will increase the power of skills and you just need to prepare enough gold.

Rise of Ragnarok

Key Features of Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder.

  • Explore the exciting 3D lands of ancient mysteries.
  • Collect powerful new equipment that will increase your strength.
  • The battles with powerful characters and intense PvP battles.
  • Customize your hero, collect and upgrade unique pets that help you fight the enemy.

MOD features

  • High Damage
  • God Mode

The new MMORPG will be a challenge to the players with the fascinating 3D graphics. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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