Rise of Civilizations

Rise of Civilizations
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Rise of Civilizations is an interesting strategy game from the makers of Lilithgames, which requires intellectual, judgment and much more. The game has always attracted great attention from many players in the world. Let’s join the game, explore the civilizations and learn the stories from them!

Rise of Civilizations mod


Everything in the Rise of Civilizations is not too complicated but written from many things in history. In which, you will rebuild an ancient civilization and develop them to a top of the human being then protect them from wars or lead them into land wars. In addition, you will find and associate with other kingdoms for creating powerful alliances that all need your strategy and wisdom to make your civilization the best.

Rise of Civilizations mod

The gameplay of Rise of Civilizations

In Rise of Civilizations, you will be the head of a small land in a large and seamless map from the early days. You need to control your resident to get the resources around the land and bring back the building blocks of your tribe. You will be exploring your country through the ages. If you want to grow further. you need to upgrade the tribe’s era for achieving the most prosperous and glorious.

Your people will be greatly disturbed by the other tribes as well as the wild thieves, so you will always need to build your tribe a good army, which is led by brave generals. You can search for them and upgrade the strength of your troops through the battle to level up and get Talent Points for increasing the skills. Another interesting thing in the game is the presence of day and night, which will give you a lot of new feeling.

With 8 civilizations and 20 heroes in the game, you will be comfortable for choosing the ancient kingdom you want to explore. Each country will have different armies and upgrade feature so it always needs your learning ability.

Rise of Civilizations mod

Graphics and sound

Rise of Civilizations has similar graphics to famous strategy games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale… I also noticed that recent game developers The Chinese often use this graphics for their strategy games. The music in the game is quite exciting and magnanimous, which will make you feel like watching a battle in history.

Rise of Civilizations mod


The appeal of Rise of Civilizations comes from many factors so you have to play and experience it in the best possible way and do not forget to share and evaluate your opinion with your manufacturer so that they can develop better games because it is the first versions of the game. Wish you have a fun game!

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