Ring of Elysium (RoE)

Ring of Elysium APK

Ring of Elysium (RoE) is latest Garena game in the vibrant gaming market. It is a survival game that still attracts a lot of attention from gamers around the world. Therefore, Garena decided to launch Ring of Elysium (RoE). This is the representative of fighting survival style in Asia. The game promises to attract the huge number of the gamers like PUBG on PC. Furthermore, the game is provided free of charge and is suitable for mid-range configurations devices so you can easily experience the game. Maybe, in the future, Ring of Elysium will be the top in this category in the world.

Ring of Elysium APK

The Story of Ring of Elysium (RoE)

A mysterious company called EUROPA kidnapped humans for testing in ELYSIUM project, which will test human development via real machine techniques. Each kidnapper will be connected to a real computer, which simulated the system where players will have to fight and win the virtual world. If they die in the virtual world, they will die in the real world. You will have to fight, escape from this dangerous world, find your memories and free people from being arrested again. The above is a pretty interesting story created by the manufacturer for embroidering a world for RoE. It makes a difference from the world and the story of survival that you have ever read. Sometimes, we will different gaming experience when we have the different story.

Ring of Elysium APK

Familiar gameplay

The fighting style of survival is still very attractive. Therefore, the manufacturer will not change the way of playing in this game. There are 100 people will be sent down to a beautiful but challenging map. A plane will escape from the fog and take you to this strange map. You have to choose where you want to stay on the island. After that, you will immediately go to find the weapons and equipment for fighting. Your combat area will be gradually narrower and only one person can survive. Therefore, you must try your best to run with the time to take advantage of the modern facilities and equipment for being the last survivor. Ring of Elysium is not a pay-to-win game. This is a game that requires you more skills to be able to win.

Ring of Elysium apk

Battle location

On April 6th, the game was released the latest update and we will have two battle maps. But with the approach of aircraft in different directions, only two maps, the game map system is still diverse, and Garena has promised to have more interesting maps later. Since there were only 100 people whose maps were 8×8 km wide, it has not been easy to search for one another. If you want to find your opponent earlier, you have to go to the site or look at the location carefully. The safe area will always be narrowed down and by then your opponents will be so much that you do not need to look. The map will still be quiet and familiar with harbours, hillsides, plants and other buildings. You have to find more ways to move in the game for helping you move faster.

Ring of Elysium APK


Since the development of the game manufacturers targeted players who can play the Ring of Elysium APK with medium or lower device configurations, the manufacturer has also come up with a minimal configuration. On the PC, you can refer to the Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, VGA graphics card GeForce GTS 250 and 10 GB more memory that you can enjoy the game. Maybe, this year will be the year of strong development of survival games so that you will be able to enjoy even more attractive games with excellent quality.

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