Rima: The Story Begins


You love exploring the mysterious worlds, which always stimulate the curiosity of many people. When you get lost in that world? What would you do? You will continue the journey or do nothing! Right now, you can try out Rima: The Story Begins game to discover a new adventure world. It used the Metroidvania adventure platform (a subcategory of the action-adventure genre) in a world full of mystery and surprise for the players.

Rima: The Story Begins

The Background

Rima world is a magical story full of magic elements. It is also the mystery that players need to face throughout the journey. The story of the game begins when the dark forces were planning to invade this land. Goddess Ilathen sent messengers down to seek a saviour to do the mission. Rima is the chosen rescuer. Rima will be with Huva’s instruction to complete that mission. He will have to fight many dangerous creatures, explore the land and roads and revive the vital elements of life.

Rima: The Story Begins

The gameplay

Rima: The Story Begins is a simple and easy to play, so you will not need to focus too much on the manipulation or skill. Instead, you just focus on controlling Rima to run and jump. It is easy to press the buttons that are already on your phone’s screen. At each level of the game, players will have to move constantly through areas of rough terrain and face a lot of enemies. You can use the simple actions such as touching, swiping on the screen to control the character’s actions, including fighting enemies. The ultimate goal in each level is to collect four types of elements including Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. You have to try to collect as many good elements as possible. You will increase your strength and move closer to complete your mission.

In the game, the players have to face many challenges including spinning spherical balls, vicious ravens, hot lava drops and even dinosaurs from prehistoric times. You will find ways to overcome those challenges by running, jumping or attacking them. You will receive some small help from your companions such as some bloody items and some places to help you jump higher. But you have to perform you very good skill to win the game.

Rima: The Story Begins

The Graphics

Rima: The Story Begins has the 2D design. 3D graphics are not necessary for an adventure game like Rima: The Story Begins. Sometimes, trying to create a 3D graphics will have the difficulties to play the game. The visuals inside the game are blurry, which would be very interesting for many players, combined with melodious background music to create the game attraction.

Rima: The Story Begins


In short, Rima: The Story Begins is a fun adventure game for your free time. The game also sets out a number of minimum requirements for the device that you need to take note of as: Operating System: Android 4.1; RAM: 2 GB RAM; Graphics: OpenGL ES 3.0 support; Memory: 220 MB free space; Internet: Required. You can download the game with the link below. When installing the game, it will require some access to the files on your memory card to read game data. You just need to agree to start installing and enjoying this game. Do not forget to leave your review for supporting us to do the better game in the future! Thanks and have a fun game!

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