Return to Planet X

Return to Planet X
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The games of the monster fighting genre are always attractive, which will bring players into the world of strange creatures, will greatly stimulate human curiosity. Even I am always attracted to such games, and always want to fight to see the monsters. By the end of 2017, the game maker, Butterflyware has launched a highly addictive monster hunter game on some platforms such as PC, Steam … called Return to Planet X. Now, this game is available on a mobile platform so you can compete against the alien monsters, join this exciting game and step by step discover what is waiting for you in the foreground.

Return to Planet X

Attractive fight

Return to Planet X will bring you to a strange world outside the planet. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet many types of attractive creatures. They are not friendly. You will have to fight them to survive. With the easy and familiar control of an FPS game, the scroll key will be on the left. On the right side, you will use weapons or other actions. You will not encounter the difficulty to play this game on your device.

While playing Return to Planet X, aliens will crawl from various places in the map. You will need to use the weapons in your hand and attack them, try to shoot properly. You have to destroy them quickly. Otherwise, they will be more crowded and cause you difficult to manage. Of course, you will need your own tactics to win this difficult battle. I have some tips for you as follows: First, you should use the weapons and bombs you have in order to kill the most monsters. You can install explosives and lure them to or use the wide range weapons. Second, you can take advantage of the terrain in the maps to retreat and defeat the enemy. If you can find a niche and go back to where each monster goes through, you will defeat them easier. Please do not die soon!

Return to Planet X

The future weapons

In Return to Planet X, in addition to the current weapons, you can also use a variety of new weapons, which will be weapons designed from the future as firearms, laser, plasma gun, light bomb … These weapons will be unique and interesting. The use of these weapons will also bring many new and attractive to players. Although these are modern weapons, their use will not be difficult. You will use them as familiar weapons that you have already known.

Return to Planet X

The new world

What you can see inside the Return to Planet X is completely built from a strange world that you have never been discovered. With the excellent 3D graphics, you will be amazed at the exciting things such as the dark tunnels, the steep cliffs and the many unique landscapes, which will make you lave at first sight. In addition, the beautiful visual effects, monumental revolving around the fight will increase the attractiveness of the battle.

Return to Planet X


Return to Planet X is a perfect game for an entertaining experience. It will be a great choice for those who love the aliens fighting games. You will have a lot of great features in this game. The game is available at the link below for you. Do not forget to evaluate the game for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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