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PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite
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Battle Royale is no stranger to mobile gamers. PUBG is considered one of the pioneers of the genre. PUBG Mobile has just been officially released a few months ago. This game has received a lot of attention from gamers. But to meet the configuration needs of this game, the player must be quite good equipment. if the player has the mid-range device, the gaming experience of this game is not so good. This issue I have also shared a tool that PUBG gaming community has evaluated, which can adjust the configuration of PUBG Mobile. It is Graphics Tool for PUBG. Today, we can ignore the worry with the latest PUBG version of Tencent Games called PUBG Mobile Lite. With the competition from Fortnite, which has recently been on the Android platform with its first release, the Tencent maker has taken a very good look at the player’s experience, PUBG Mobile Lite. The gaming community has been very good at optimizing the game, and for the number of players it produces faster-paced games, but still keeps the PUBG style.

PUBG Mobile Lite

What will PUBG Mobile Lite have?

Instead of the 100 players on the 8×8 km wide map, PUBG Mobile Lite will only have 40 people fighting on a 2×2 km map, which will diminish a lot in terms of graphics. Your job will still be similar to the typical style of collecting weapons, ammunition and other items on these maps. Of course, the safe area of ​​the map will gradually shrink. At this time, you need to run to find a safer area, but the more crowded place. You will have to fight, hide or run to be the last survivor. Of course, PUBG Mobile Lite will still allow you to team up with friends. You can plan and coordinate the fight through live chat, which will be simple and fun.

PUBG Mobile Lite will still integrate the very real arsenal of weapons from PUBG. You will still find the familiar and unique weapons. You just have to pick and collect them. Some good guns that you should not ignore such as AKM, M16A4, AWM, SKS, Tommy Gun, UMP9, S12K…

PUBG Mobile Lite

The graphics and design

PUBG Mobile Lite will continue to be designed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics to make the game detailed and beautiful for maps and landscapes. They are in a 3D graphics. The tree, house, vehicle are real. The character is also designed with the flexibility and versatility to create a fantastic experience for the player. The graphics of the game will be realistic like PUBG Mobile. There are a lot of new weapons such as the pan… is also present in the game. You will create bitter death for the enemy by defeating them with a pan. In addition, this game is also set in a high-quality sound and rich 3D sound effects. You should wear headphones to enjoy the game’s sound integrity.

PUBG Mobile Lite


PUBG Mobile Lite will be a great choice for all the players with fast-paced gameplay. In particular, it is suitable for many machine configurations. While many Battle Royale games require the latest equipment, this game will be a great choice. Although the game is in the beta process at the moment, it has been chosen by many gamers for entertainment. You can easily download this game through our link below and do not forget to invite your friends to team up for playing the game right now! Have a fun game!

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