If you have ever experienced a lot of realistic simulation games, or just a fun car game, today we would introduce you to a game which is the first time we have written and brought to you. The game is called PROJECT OFFROAD. In the game, you will be involved in controlling your car in the challenging environments. The challenges are set at different levels. You will explore the interesting things step by step.


The simple gameplay

In the game, you have to select a new car and bringing it to the challenges. There are other obstacles on the way so you should stay focus on the race and do not to touch them. You have to calculate each point on the obstacles so that your wheels roll over without being impacted. You should be careful with each step of your move to reach the destination safely and pass the level.

The difficulty of PROJECT OFFROAD will constantly increase as the obstacles will protrude so high. It may cause your car easy to overtake, which will take you a long time or fail you. But you do not worry too much. You will be able to upgrade your car so that it has more mobility, or you can buy a new car with the rewards you earned.


Other attractive features

PROJECT OFFROAD will bring you a real difference with the realistic physical design. The current version will have 50 levels so you can freely try. In the next versions, the manufacturer will unlock more levels to challenge your skills. You can find the rewards when you pass the level, which you can use to upgrade your cars, buy new cars.


The graphics and sound

PROJECT OFFROAD is designed with beautiful 3D graphics, realistic graphics and lots of unique maps that are elaborate and will not disappoint you. The unique cars will surprise you. The music of the game will not be very prominent. The creaking engine is the main sound, which attracts players.



PROJECT OFFROAD is the newest addition to the offroad game genre, which created to bring you the most realistic experience. Although the game is new, it has received a lot of good reviews from many gamers. You can download this game with the link below for Android phones. Wish you have great gaming experience!

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