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NetEase Games is the popular game developer, which has recently tested a new game called Cyber Hunter. The game was introduced as a compelling competitive sandbox game but combines many other elements such as live action, gun battle, construction and strategy. It promises to bring you anew gaming experience. Cyber Hunter is designed with a future novel story, when humanity has discovered a new technology, is virtual quantum technology. In that world, many different problems occurred between justice and evil, conservatism and progressivism. In this game, you will have to choose your own way.

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Starting the game, you will choose one of the two characters. The male character is the leader of Wanderers Celestial, who is the representative of justice. The female character is Zero, who is a professional hunter. Then you can customize some of the basics for your character and immediately start your battle. In which, you will immediately get a plane to an unfamiliar island with 100 people. However, you will not land in the normal way. Instead, you will use a motorized skateboard and surf in the wind that looks very interesting. You can land anywhere on the island even in the water and immediately move and look for weapons and equipment. Everything you need can be found everywhere in the beautiful package or just in the ugly place. You will have to do all the same fighting games that you have ever played.

In battle, you will also need to be hurry because the safety circle is gradually being narrowed, which cause you to clash with more enemies. This will be the time to show your fighting skills. You have to fight your way out, keep moving. There will be unique vehicles that you can choose for moving fast such as a supercar, a gun car… In addition, the heroes in the game will be able to control the energy to build different constructions to help you fight. You can collect that energy everywhere on the island as a street light, furniture, fences…

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The Highlights

First of all, there are a lot of weapons in the game. Because they are designed in a story in the future, the weapons will also be designed in a futuristic style that you may never have seen. The weapon will not fire out the usual bullets that fire off different types of waves, rays with special effects. About the bombs, they also have many different shapes and characteristics.

The next, Cyber Hunter will bring you many other modes such as Random, Single Mode, Wild Weekend. In Single Mode, there are four different modes: Battle Royale, Quick Battle, Firewall, Domination. All the modes are very attractive for you.

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Cyber Hunter is designed with a beautiful and attractive 3D graphics, which contains many similarities with some other survival games such as FortCraft and Fortnite. It promises to bring you the best experience. The most noticeable thing in the game is the movement of the character, which is quite flexible. In addition, the beautiful effects of guns, bombs, mines or the boxes, which will make the game a lot of charm for your playing experience.

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The attraction and fun of Cyber Hunter is undeniable including the designing and gameplay, which are perfect. This game is now in beta time. If you have any questions, please contact directly with the manufacturer to contribute to a more complete game. Currently, the game is offering a beta version for Android and can be downloaded by using the high-speed link at the bottom of the article. Have a great game!

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