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Pokémon GO is an interactive virtual mobile game developed by Niantic, which allows players to catch and train the virtual Pokemon around the city. In the game, you can find and collect Pokemon in unique locations, train them and bring them to battles like a Pokemon movie. The main character is you. Let’s go out and catch the pokemon and become the greatest trainer right now.



Pokémon GO has been waiting by so many players around the world and has been downloaded and highly appreciated, as well as the appeal of the new play and a familiar story of Pokemon, which makes the game a global trend. This is probably the game that opens up the age of Virtual Reality (AR) in the near future. The great appeal that AR technology brings to Pokémon GO is that it lets us hunt for virtual beasts in the real world with real street maps and real environments. You have to travel a kilometre or so to find the Pokemon spots. For example, the Pokémon Gym centres are the parks, churches, temples to practice or visit the “shop” PokéStop. It is the famous landmarks on the map to find the essential objects.

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How to play Pokémon GO

The gameplay of Pokémon GO is similar to the movie of the same name. The player will travel around, use the Poké Ball to find and collect Pokémon on the way. In different areas, there are different kinds of Pokemon. For example, the water Pokémon will be near the river or the sea. This game uses virtual interactive technology, so players will have to open the internet connection and GPS on their phones so that the game locates the area in which it is located and creates a map of the game.

Once you level up, you can catch more powerful Pokemon to add to your collection. You have to hatch the Pokemon by moving different distances until the eggs hatch. You will also need to develop your pokemon in the gym, practice your strengths for the pokemon or you can play against other players to evolve your pokemon and do the gym.
Pokémon GO also strongly encourages players to join together. You will be able to combine up to a maximum of 20 trainers to defeat a powerful Pokémon called the Raid Boss. If you win, you can get more powerful Pokémon or valuable items. It’s time to move on now. The real adventure is waiting for you.

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The graphics

As mentioned, AR technology gives Pokémon GO great leaps, which will allow you to observe the real world through your phone. In addition to the actual scenes, you will be able to see more appearance of the Pokémon or other new things. The game will be more authentic than any other game that you have ever seen before. Let’s go out and hunt for your favourite Pokemon right now!




Pokémon GO is a very addictive game, which has a compelling gameplay, realistic graphics and an intriguing storyline that will not be tied to any script. You will write your own adventure story. All of them cannot be predicted. Currently, after Pokémon GO has been testing in the certain countries for a long time, it is almost available worldwide so you can download it on both Android and IOS platforms. You can join the gaming community in your country to exchange and learn more experience taking care of Pokemon. Have a great game!

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