Pocket Luna

Pocket Luna

Role-playing games are no strangers to many gamers. Most of the current role-playing games tend to satisfy the players with the new and exciting features as well as the quality graphics. Today, we would like to introduce to you the great game Pocket Luna, which has full of the above features. As you may know, we introduced you to a game called Luna Mobile that is quite interesting, which will be similar to Pocket Luna in many aspects but is developed by 2 different manufacturers. We believe that XD Global will continue to bring more attractions in this game.

Pocket Luna


At first glance, you will recognize that Pocket Luna has a story of the ancient world with many new interesting things waiting for you on this journey. The game background is a fantasy world, in which you will be able to meet many friends around the world, collect pets, armed to fight with many dark forces for protecting the land. This world has a bright art style, many attractive features to create a great abundance of the fantasy world. You will be the explorer to bring the light to the whole land.

Pocket Luna

The endless adventure

In Pocket Luna, you will embark on a journey. You have to choose one of three different character classes. This is a role-playing game so you will have a lot of new and familiar work to do. In the game, you have to start building your character stronger by fighting, training and upgrading everything. Meet other players in exchange for their combat experience and equipment, or simply invite them to fight for more power and speed. Pocket Luna will take you through many different lands. There will be a lot of monsters, powerful bosses and a lot of relative missions for you to complete. You can step up and explore the story inside the game through each mission.

Interesting points in Pocket Luna are not only fighting monsters and doing missions but also participating in epic battles with many players in the arena or in the simple solo fight on the map. Of course, the reward for your victories will be rich and attractive. You can use that rewards to upgrade your character. The world of Pocket Luna is huge with many strong communities, in which the number of players increases very fast day by day. Now, you can join the game and compete for the highest position for your character.

Pocket Luna

The key features of Pocket Luna

First, we have to mention the detailed and abundant character system, in which the character will be designed in a beautiful animated style. The player can control the characters easily, which means that the player will be able to execute the skill combos simply with exciting effects.

The second, the costume system is plentiful and special, in which you can own a lot of beautiful designs. Eventually, you can have yourself a wing of the angel or the devil, which will make your style unique.

The third, pet system is also a great feature in many modern role-playing games. In Pocket Luna, the pet is not only a friend or a companion but they also help you a lot in the difficult and tense battles.

Finally, the marriage feature will be quite a special thing of this game. With a large community, you can completely find a girlfriend and marry them. Being married does not only bring you joy but also brings a lot of strength to help you in the battles.

Pocket Luna


Pocket Luna MOD is a completely new game, but it contains a lot of attraction and novelty. The number of players has been increasing rapidly, so this game promises to be a huge community in the near future. Let’s quickly download the game in the bottom link for Android and IOS. Do not forget to leave your review and share it if you find this game interesting. Thanks and have a fun game!

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