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Pocket City mod
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You may know a lot of interesting city building games. Today, we would like to introduce a new attractive game called Pocket City. The game will bring you to the construction section of the busy and luxurious city. This will be the best game in simulating city building for the mobile platform ever. You will experience a realistic and funny classic style game. Let’s join us to play the most interesting game!

Pocket City mod

Building your own city

Surely, you know what your task when you played the other game like Pocket City. You will play it like a mayor. But your city will be in the early stages and you need to do your best take it more vibrant. You have to build residential, commercial, industrial, entertainment zones to attract more resident to come, live and work. You need to take care of the building section. In which, everything needs to be planned strategically to please the citizens and meet the needs of the city.

In Pocket City, you will have to pay attention to a lot of different issues in your city. You need to manage the market, employment, income, tax, environment … from which, you can complete the task, pay much attention to your citizenship and get their trust, which will bring you more interesting experience to improve your reputation.

Pocket City mod

Prevention and emergency rescue

Unlike many other city building games, Pocket City will add to the realism of adding criminals that cause city chaos or other disasters, which can harm your city. Such times will further reinforce your leadership by directing and correcting incidents to ensure the safety of citizens. You should be prepared for many emergencies and unexpected situations to be able to make your city beautiful.

Pocket City mod

The graphics

Pocket City is designed with beautiful graphics without the need for an outstanding 3D graphics. The game has a lot of smooth, bright and beautiful images that will immerse players. Pocket City is also designed with city views from above, allowing you to monitor all city activity easily. These designs are still popular and have many advantages to make the game easier and more interesting.

Pocket City mod


Pocket City will be one of the newest and most exciting games of the city building genre. In addition to the previous attractions of this genre, Pocket City will bring us many new features in the way of managing the city, how to prevent the disaster… The gamers can download this game with the link below to be able to enjoy it and do not forget to evaluate the game in this article. We wish you have the great gaming time!

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