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Playdead INSIDE is a game from the producer Playdead, which is a fascinating and exciting game about a boy sliding down the cliff and getting lost in the jungle, and the journey begins. Along the way, the boy encounters a lot of danger, the killer, the hound, the mad scientist… Through the forest, the boy continues to encounter a zombie city, controlled by a dark force. Out of the town, the boy continues meeting the labs of mad scientists and the boy will escape from danger. With your help if the boy can overcome all the danger or not? Let’s see some things interesting below.

About the manufacturer Playdead

This is an independent producer specializing in game production for all platforms based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game designers, Arnt Jensen and Dino Christian Patti formed the company in 2006 and focused on investing in the first game called Limbo, which was released in 2010 for the Xbox 360. After a year of monopoly, they have released for other platforms like PlayStation 3, PC, Mac OS, iOS and Android. In 2014, Playdead announced its second game, Playdead INSIDE, as a spiritual heir and story of Limbo, which was released for Xbox One, PC. The version on PlayStation 4 was released in 2016, which was highly appreciated, and was praised as a worthy successor.

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The story of the game

The game was in the context of 1935 when wars broke out everywhere. It could threaten the lives of the people. You will guide a lost boy and find his way back home. The way to go back home is also the challenge that the player and the boy must overcome. There are thousands of challenges and many dangers waiting for you. You will be the supporter to help him escape from everything.


If you have played LIMBO, you will find that the colours of these two games are quite similar. In LIMBO, you just find yourself lost in a forest and have to cross the forest. In Playdead INSIDE, you will have more backgrounds. You will have to cross more locations and more challenges than just being in a forest. And another difference makes Playdead INSIDE more interesting than LIMBO so you can control your character on the map instead of just horizontally moving like in LIMBO.

In Playdead INSIDE, you will find yourself in a completely different world, a dark and gloomy world, which is created by the tycoons. Playdead INSIDE also wants to send special messages about this life to everyone. This game is highly rated by the game community and it has received many noble awards. It is true that quality investment is still something different.

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Playdead INSIDE does not have charming graphics and only produces in two colours, black and white, it is still fun and contains a great story of a meaningful message, which will make many people sympathetic and passionate about the game after experiencing. But the publisher makes a slight difference to the Limbo with a bit of light, which will be the highlight for Playdead brand.

Playdead INSIDE mod

Download Playdead INSIDE for Android/IOS/PS4/XBOX

In short, Playdead INSIDE is a great game, which has the good investment, appeal and humanity of the story. Now the game is available for free on iOS. However, you will have to lose more $6 to unlock chapters of the game. You can also download on other platforms such as PC ($ 24.9), PS4 ($ 19.9), Xbox One ($ 19.99) or download INSIDE & LIMBO Sets ($ 26.99).

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