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Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea is a war game on the sea with many drama action elements. If you know many games bring true images of the sea battles, this time manufacturers Codex7 Games will bring you the new things of war on the sea. You will be taken to the intense battle and confronted with many players in the flaming PvP. You can choose to fight alone or join a grand battle. Interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

Pirate Code mod


The game will be quite easy to join and fight. In which, you just have to choose a captain, with different fighting abilities like fireballs, shields figure, the frozen arrows … Your choice is an advantage when you engage in intense and lasting battles. Next, you need to select the ship to accompany your captain, choose one of the 12 special warships with many different characteristics. The slow ship will have the great strength and resilience. The fast one will have less firepower and resistance, and many more attributes each boat possesses that you need to explore and make the right tactics.

The intense battles will take place in a bright circle in the middle of the grave. In the middle of the circle, there will have a treasure that you and your teammates will own if you can destroy all the enemies. When the enemy does not appear in the light or is destroyed, the percentage will start to run, when it reaches 100%, you and your friends have won the treasure. The control of the Pirate Code is quite easy. In which, you just control the ship by moving the buttons on the left and attacking the enemy or using the skills of the captain on the right.

Pirate Code mod

Upgrade everything

In addition to a simple gameplay, the Pirate Code will also allow you to unlock and upgrade your ships. First, let’s talk about the captains. Currently, the game has 10 captains. They will represent 10 different types of powers and abilities. If you want to unlock them, you need to find enough gold. You should note their skills will be written on the right side. The BLACKBEARD captain will be able to armour the ship; MERLYN will be able to freeze enemy ships… When you have the captains, you can also upgrade them by finding the pieces and use upgraded gold. After upgrading, the skills will have the longer battle duration or more powerful.

Pirate Code mod

The ships also need your attention. There will also be 10 ships for you to collect. Each of them will have its own stats displayed when you click on it, and the individual line attributes of each ship. Before you plan to use any ship, you should consider whether its special attributes match the captain you choose, and how fast the ship’s speed, firepower, and defence stats. You can upgrade your ships by searching for items or buying them in the shop.

Pirate Code mod

Download Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea Mod Apk for Android

Pirate Code MOD is a game created with a fascinating 3D animation style. It will not be like the sea battles that you have seen before. Download it to your phone and try the experience! The game can give you a lot of excitement. Download it with our link and do not forget to rate it! Wish you have fun game!

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